Monday, January 29, 2007

My weak end ...

Its true that time will have expansion and contraction. May be this way: The 9 hours that I have spent in my college couple of days back passed away just like few minutes. And probably I will never forget those moments in my life.
Cheers to all the 22 people who made their presence; proud to say we crossed another mile stone called MITR-07 (MITS Reunion-07). We are the pioneers for all student centered associations like ILLUMINATUS, POSITRON, and 6th Element. Hope every thing started from our batch will continue. Those who missed this chance of attending Alumni meet - don’t worry; you just plan another interesting event in our department, we swear our participation and presence.
The best part of the whole event was juniors made some stalls with smileys ( :), :( …) and the gained profit goes to SR (Sarvepalli Radha Krishna) trust, started for welfare of poor children. They sold Indian flags in the eve of republic day, again profits go to SR trust. That’s really a great initiative and an equally good implementation. I felt so proud and guilty because they are doing a work which we never thought. That’s the spirit of education; we have to think beyond horizons. Apart from curriculum subjects there are many things (responsibilities). Congrats to my juniors, I always heartily welcome them for my help.
Thanks to Sunil for organizing such a great event. Really it’s my pleasure to work with you, hope I learnt a lot with your interactions.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Where is my dream.

Dream, one which wakes up from the sleep and makes us to work for it. I had a vision for career, now I found myself entirely in different place, but still I have a ray of hope to achieve it.
I am an electronics guy, but working for an IT giant, in a technology called ERP-SAP. Really very interesting but, some times I fell I am not practicing the things which I loved and leant in my 4 year studies of engineering. Planing to do my MBA after 2 years of working experience. Started with previous exam patterns of CAT exam. Confident to achieve it, giving my 100% each time, improving myself in all possible ways. Just doing every where, never thought of a result, thought of result will spoil the work that’s what I have planned and have been practicing.