Monday, February 19, 2007

License to drive the change?

Woke up early, even on a week end, Saturday. Got ready with all the documents- learning license, Xerox of the passport and my SSC certificate. Went to RTO office at 11 am. The office there is punctually late. Requested the clerk to tell me the procedure to get my old LLR (learner’s license) renewed and also to get a driving license for a motor vehicle with gears?. “It charges Rs 500/-” - the only short answer I got – Pity no scope to learn new things, only bribe.

Okay, agreed. I submitted all the documents and he asked us to wait outside till he finds time. Only issue storming in my mind was “What if he asks for the original LLR?” which I have missed! I have an old photocopy of that LLR but not the original one,. So I had to submitted a new Xerox photocopy of the old Xeroxone.

“Vamsi” a thunder call from that unofficial officer (clerk's assistant), I understood the reason for that.

“Where is the original for this document?”,

“I lost it”. I replied humbly.

“Then go now and come after 30 days” he replied harshly.

Hmm need to wait another 30 days? Then there comes a real friend, when I am in need – Ravi, with that old Xerox photocopy of the LLR and I submitted it. I told (to Ravi), “Even that is not original”.

He replied, “You wait, I know it”.

The clerk checked, agreed and accepted that document. I wondered. We looked at each other and smiled.

Though the old document is not original, he agreed accepted it because “The Old photocopy looks old and new one looks new”. Again, he asked us to wait outside the clerk spoke– “Wait out side, you have to take a test ride, helmet is mandatory”. We were ready with every thing.

I was the last person,. Though I was riding it for the past 3 years now, my hands were still sweating. Every body done a small circle in front the RTO officer, with bikes as a test ride. No body has shown the hand signals or even lighted an indicator. And so was I am not an exception.

But the royal officer called “Mohan”my name, loudly, “yes” – I replied.

“Where was the hand signal?” a lump in the throat.

I said, “Ohh,! Sorry”,
“Go and sign in that book” (as every body did). “When will I get my license?”
“You will get it by post”, they he replied.

Now the question is, Will I get my license to drive my bike? Answer is definitely yes, because of the Rs 60/- which I paid extra (Rs 500/- instead of 440).

Bottom line(s):
I don’t want to approach a broker,
Don’t want to bribe any body,
Don’t want to encourage corruption,
Don’t want to sit lazily saying I don’t know how to apply, but I have license.
Ended up with paying Rs 60 /- extra.
Still happy. Because achieved 50% of my objective.

A humble request: Please, every body try to change this culture, we may not end corruption, and but we can atleast control it. Don’t say it’s impossible.

I appreciate your time spent to read my blog, thank you, feel free to comment.