Monday, March 12, 2007

Eternal Companions

"I got good news, Mohan", my manager with an artificial smile on his face. That instant I knew it was the very thing that I dreaded all along. I was being shifted to another Project.

“Please don’t send me out of this team”- though it was obvious, a final request from my side. “No, you got into a very good project where you have a good scope”- a convincing reply.

Managers, synonyms to “convince / convincers”. They can convince us to do anything. Includes, having a sendoff from team.

“You can catch the office shuttle at 3.00 P.M, need to report at 3.30 today itself” – manager back to his work.

It was my first team experience being with them for more than three months. Body and mind proved that there is some thing called inertia - the state in which a body remains in that state as long as no force is applied on it – Newton, although I doubt if Newton had intended my manager as a force.

So, with a heavy heart went to catch the intra-office-shuttle. More bothered about leaving the old office and friends. There lies the real problem, which I never expected to face in near future.

I started at 3.10 after a very hot noon. And reached new office at 4.00 pm. “Oh god! What is this?” A 10 K.M journey took almost around an hour, not even happened at peak hours of the day (8 am or 6pm). “Not noticed” as if it is the first time.

But later on wards I found the only reason why people scared of going to sophisticated E-City office it is “Hosur Road Traffic”. Hosur-Horrible-Hectic. Flyover’s flying one over the other, roads becoming wider and wider-demolishing the shops and houses, middle part of the roads serving as laboratories for new fly over construction, every stop on this road will create a smoke-cloud front to me. Every now and then I start thinking about “What to do?”

There I got the solution: “Why is that girl laughing, with out any reason?”-sitting alone-holding an IIT like book in her hand (That is a ‘big’ novel I guess), one day I noticed this unusual thing. Oh, reading books, though I don’t have that habit, let’s start it, at least to overcome that boring 3 hour journey every day.

So need to start with a good book, “Indomitable Sprit” by -APJ.Kalam, very nice 150 page book, describe how to do develop your personality so that you can enjoy every moment in your professional and personal life. Completed it, so need to buy an other book, brought “Five Point someone” by Chetan Bhagat, From E-city campus book store. “A perfect ten -this is 270 pages of pure fun” – written on the first page. A perfect ten is grading to a scale of ten. It’s really fantastic. I don’t want to tell more about it. Suggest you to read it. Every episode will take us back, deep into our college days. And my next book is Norman Vincet Peale’s – “Power of Positive Thinking” along with Chetan’s another master piece “one night @ call center”.

Now, I feel - when will I get into the bus, what will happen next in the story, what is the next book I need to read, what is the best way to remember this beautiful vocabulary-where to use them. Very wonderful experience, feel proud and happy to this great change from “What is this bus journey?” to “When is the bus journey”. Never the less it is fault less fact as Kalam said, books are our “Eternal Companions”. So all E-city guys, take a book, catch the 7.30 or 8.30 P.M shuttle and complete the Hosur road journey within 20 minutes. No traffic no bore.