Friday, July 27, 2007

One year with … world of Opportunities

..on the eve of completing 1 year 1 month 1 day with Wipro

One more year slowly walked into the colorful road of history, leaving wonderful memories, beautiful experiences, loving friends, Birthday Parties, team outings, challenging projects and a deep grief as well.

Happened to be a year, being with Premji working for Wipro Technologies. I know (better than the) best is yet to come, but, can say this as BEST way to start my career under a brand name of Wipro.

Our struggle to keep our nose just above 80 p.c in engineering exams, efforts to unlearn Tenglish-A hybrid of telugu and engilsh, grinding GRE Barrons and Aggarvals aptitude books, student seminars and group discussions were not in a vain – they made a start to this beautiful, bewitching journey on - last June 26.

In this small journey, this post I am writing for my
Co-passengers – my friends – who always say they are there with us to share the joy/risk of journey.
Road-Maps - My managers - never want to share the risk but who always show us way to work.
Sign-boards - Tech Leads – Of course not only to guide me, but also taken care when I am executing. Thanks a lot for my sign-boards.
Bumpy roads - Challenging Objects – take some time but give us back many things.
Country sides – Outings and Parties with teams and friends. Flyovers - and helped me to flyover time consuming googling.
Motels - CCD, Pantry and Canteens in Wipro – Ecity Campus.
Finally, Advertisement Hoardings – Helped me to name this Post.

And, to talk about my new life - Let us start with my name, every one 'used to' call me as VAMSI in school and college, not now - Changed to Mohan with a simple reason of being first name in my 24 character long name of Mohan Vamsi Krishna Avasarm.

Next to talk about is - 'LUNCH'. Recently when I looked my weight in weighing machine, it reminded me the new CBZ bike, 0 to ** K.G in few milli seconds seconds. Shocked, decided to reduce my weight, that is because of no balance between calories burning and earning-talking in. Hope, now I am "O.K" with my new after the noon food called Health Combo available in our canteen, bit costly but no other go and so the new (old) weight.

Similarly, Mohan has seen many -Hopefully, +Ve - changes in Vamsi, like, dressing, talking and making friends, new habits like reading books and writing blogs, posing and clicking for photos, nodding head for Outings. e.t.c (When there is nothing striking to mind I use e.t.c).

Still, there is no change in one thing – that is "my working style of JUST DO IT", I am just doing my every work, with out expecting any thing except learning satisfaction and of course expecting updated bank account at the end of month. I love that. Here, it seems learning became part of earning - but there are no exams where we will write until our right-elbow become immobile.

To sum-up, corporate world, like F1-race track if you stop - learning, you are out - not Job but race. And, we should learn two things when we are in work, first point - "We must be self-confident" and second thing is "To remember the first point always not only in work".

Blogosphere, It is right place to multiply my joy and divide my grief by sharing with my friends and awaiting for their replies. Now, I updated it with my new webalbum and online books. But, you need to Click at the hyperlinks on right-space.

Finally, a deep grief is that demise of my beloved Sandeep. Sandeep, GOD can't take our joyful memories from my heart.

Hum, Hopefuly you well reply (comment) back with your job or your joyful and memorable moments. Awaitng for your reply.