Sunday, January 6, 2008

Phew, I am waiting !

The New Year.
New Challenges to face.
New resolutions to full fill.

New decisions to take up.
New commitments to turn up.

New changes to accept.
New disappointments, disapprovals to agree.

New joys, emotions, feeling and fun, to enjoy.
New outings, parties, movies to engage.

New things to learn.
Few things to unlearn.

New books to read.
New bike may be to ride.

New journeys to start.
New silks to get smart ;-).

New Bengalore dishes to taste.
And New places to visit.

New salaries to get.
Few more taxes to get sweat.

New government budgets to cry.
New gadgets to buy.

New revisit of old festivals, birthdays and anniversaries.
New blogs to write.

I am waiting to Accept – Agree – enjoy every moment of New Year. I wish you all success in this new era of time. My dear friend named - TIME is getting older and older. Live in present, forget about past, don’t think about future –
But don’t forget to plan future. Failure to plan will be a plan to failure.
I am enjoying my new year’s first Sunday with my work in my office. Ha Ha. Happy New Year once again. Feel free to comment ;-).