Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun n Green

Life is getting ceased in my work station. 18, 15, 17, 20 and 13 – not Indian cricket team score card, it was my score of average working hours per week for the past five weeks. So all I needed was a break. Effective - short break. Need to refresh mind rather than body.

Last week end - Saturday I was in office ‘again’ looking hours together into life less monitor. But on Sunday we made a difference with TRIP TO THALAKONA.

Reached Madanapalle at 11:30 PM Saturday night. But this time not alone but with Ayush, my friend cum colleague. Ayush is innocent/intelligent guy from Varanasi (UP) - so no needless to say - “He needs to be away from home for long time”.

My planned promise of taking him to Horsley Hills got postponed. With an untimely decision of Nish's plan of going to Talakona – one more time Nish is ‘my friend cum colleague’ with an addition of ‘from Madanapalle and my collage mate’.

Nish was there in Horsley Hills and Rishi valley with Ravi and Bhaskar – once again ‘my friend(s) cum colleague(s)’.

So we had a crew and a car with strong desire in every mind - ‘Let Us have FUN today’. Pilot – Nish (Fernando Alonso Reddy for that-day), co-pilot Bhaskar. A passenger cum rescue team - Ayush, Ravi and myself sitting back. It was congested. But my mind continuously pointing to – Take care and Take care – because desire to have more fun some time ends up with disasters.

Pilot started the journey exactly in opposite direction rescue team member(s) corrected him – so journey started with a mistake not a very bad sign.

Going going and going. For Ravi and Ayush every thing looks new. Ayush was silent and Ravi was never. He was applauding the AP roads, admiring the hills and I spent time cracking few PJ’s and enjoying in explaining the road details.

So after some time, Nish used break peddle for the first time in journey. It was a place where ground looked like green-carpet. Did God place a green carpet in a plan to come and take rest.

Just beside the paddy field there was a small canal and after that there is one railway track. Every thing is natural having a life in it.

Water, air, green paddy, surrounding hills looks vibrant.

But daily I was looking at life less monitors and cubical. All the time pressing keyboard and mouse buttons. Reaching people in mails. Breathe artificial air coming from even more artificial air conditioners. Funny – talking with life less thing hours and hours together that is my “mobile”.

Am I becoming a machine between all machines? No and No.

Sticking back - Ravi can’t resist him-self to have a show-off for his creativity in clicking the nature’s beauty and some times for us.

We went ahead to reach a beautiful place. THALAKONA.

We walked around 1.5 K.M to reach water fall. This was our first look of water fall and made us fell happy that we are very near to reach.

Here onwards there are no words to describe my trip only pictures will talk. With a bit of comments.

Ha, here it is. Tip of THLAKONA Trip.

After some time.

I tried to resist ‘not to get into water’ – but failed. (Ayush, Me and Bhasker – Ravi behind the camera lens).

Let me show you - Ayush, Bhasker, Ravi and Alonso Reddy. One-by-one. This pic was while we were on the way.

All together I really enjoyed the trip and Ravi’s 'six mega pixel photos' made my eventful and joyful day a memorable.

"Nature have certain elements in it, which we can't get in this materialistic world" - Mohan After this trip.

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