Monday, April 14, 2008

Feathers in My Cap

The joy of unexpected appreciations will be memorable, especially when you were seriously involved in work, it acts like catalyst – ‘which won’t directly involve in work but improves the performance’ by chemistry.

Exactly ten months ago vice - president Ramki, and 2 months later Delivery manager Rajesh Narayanan, now my X-project manager and present delivery manager Jojee Joseph, made those memorable moments in my carrier. I was awarded with three “Feather(s) in my Cap” in these short ten months in my new assignment.

The last one (on 11th April) was very very special – because it was being awarded for working in almost all technologies in ABAP available in my project.

That time, I was near to complete my one year in my office, some one from inside asked me ‘Did you learn any thing in this one year’ – soon the very next day I got award from vice president Ramki – which said ‘Yes, You are on learning path’. I never expected that I will get that award.

This time, I was just discussing with my colleague, regarding ‘Project name in which there will be a chance of getting exposure learning all technologies’ – couple of days later I got my 3rd Catalyst to my hand which said – ‘Don’t stop if you stop you are Out of Game’.

The current project/assignment taught me many things – and never felt that I was working alone. Huge team, experienced technical and functional consultants. Good managers. But, still need a chance of change – because always ‘Comfort zones are dangerous and I don't like them’.

‘I Do not want to die rusting, I prefer to burn out working'
- Sir. M. Vishweswaraya