Thursday, May 15, 2008


in my life book...

If day looks pessimistic, even before the thought of opening eyes on your bed. Then, better not to wake up in that morning .

Want to enjoy the bike drive, go for a Horsley hills ride with a friend.

Eating a dish for the first time and judging it as Delicious or arguing it as Bull shit is foolish. Context not restricted to food.

If you are sleep 8 hours a day, 1/3 of life is wasted.

No earn-quick-lavish-money jobs, I paid biggest fee to learn this lesson.

To feel, the cool blue of dawn or to enjoy the red of dusk, you may need to loss some part of sleep or put more efficient effort at work to go home early.

Making a resolution to put down the weight and not eating burger is very easy because I did it several times.

Every time - Asking some one, whether your choice is good, makes you a good follower rather than leader. Being neither is not optimal.

Ask some one to talk about you for a minute, it must be 60 seconds or even more, then you can easily assess him, unless you must be knowing more about you.

Don’t take more time to realize that shopping with credit card and Psycho (Room mate) will keep you in a rat race for the salary day of next month.

If you feel like laughing for every sentence then you are reading Chetan Bhagat’s mini-novel series.
- 5 point some one.
- 1 night @ call center.
- 3 mistakes of my life.

Want to write best software, then you must be a skilled user of other good software as well- My rich experience.

If something makes you feel happy, don’t question your self - how you will live with out it. Just enjoy.

Want to know value of some one, just imagine life without them – Dad I really miss you.

Mid summer – hot noon – under the sun – felling thrust still not getting sweet, you are running on Bangalore streets.

Small is Big:
- Anonymous comments for posts.
- Favorite songs on ipod even shuffle mode.
- Getting seat to sit in Bangalore-Madanapalle bus.
- Salary on 29th .
- Making tea in Pantry, just imagining you as chief chef.
- Holidays on Monday and Friday.
- Writing a code like a poem, and reading it again and again and again.

And many… Last but not least cracking jocks with Mom Deeps granny and friends until wet eyes and stomach pain, on week ends.Will give immense joy.

Thanks to god for giving many reasons to smile.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I was ... I am… I will be…

I was a boy, naughty, quarreling, careless, mediocre student, street cricketer and a boy who got regular shunting from dad for not getting marks in Hindi. I was 22 till day –before-yesterday.

I am, or I became bit reserved, got a kind of strive to understand every thing and every one around me. Some time people call that as dedication, commitment, hard work, but I say just need to learn.

I will be, a teacher. Yes, I will be doing the same working which my dad, mom, my school teacher, my lecturers, my carrier did for me. I will teach or educate children but not now, soon, will start that passion to teach.

I don’t know why, but I feel January 1st and 10th of May are two among all my special days, every year.

This time I was in Bangalore – Kadappa bus via Madanapalle, I was in semi-sleep and got to know my left thigh got a kind of vibration because of mobiles cry. Opened and unlocked, saw 4 missed call. It is 12:05 AM 05-10-2008. And I was Twenty Three. Soon bus went into Vodafone-non-coverage area.

That was another beautiful day. Got blessings and wishes from all beloved ones. Thank, god mom and dad for giving me such a beautiful day, friends and relatives.

And special thanks for every one for your wishes, on my b'day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


That is the last age, age where you left with lots and lots of memories, many friends, moments and events that make your tips of lips to extend a bit with name – glimpse.

Age where you can have a control on every kind of emotion, less expectation and so disappointments. Ultimately, being with every one, who born and brought up in your hands.

3rd weekend’s Friday night of April, Granny (Grand Mother) got into unconscious, she was speech less and so was I. Every Friday night when ever I reach home, a tooth-less smile with a warm welcome, this time disappeared.

Next day – admitted in intensive care unit - ICU , SVIMS Tirupathi.
On that bed, she was very much looking like a baby, can’t drink, eat, breath and sit, and hardly speaking, opening eyes very often. Two days I spent most of my time in that ICU.

If you want to commit suicide, be there in ICU for a week, and you love your life, just a week. There you can see all kinds of emotions – deaths, pains, recoveries, happiness, yelling, shouting, screaming, curiosity n many. I saw 6 deaths in 2 days.

Next week when I reach Tirupathi, she started talking, I slept just beside her bed that night.

“Do you know how many people visited me? All most all of our relative, I brought up every one, I feed them with these hands” – again that old tooth less smile continued.

Even, after reaching Madanapalle this week end many of her old aged- temple-friends came frequently to see her - which made her feel very happy.

Last 3 weekends, I was wandering between Bangalore-Madanapalle-Tirupathi, and took a leaves, Mom and Aunt were there to take care of granny on week days.

A kind of relief, and my mind is free - found it difficult to work when any one struggling at home.