Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 'S'days

… lets call last Sunday and Saturday that way
Indian inflation touched decade’s high of 11.01. Can a common man do anything to control this??
This weekend – Ravi, Naresh, Bharath, Laxme (male) came to Madanapalle all the way from Cochin, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengalore, means a person from each state of South India.

But, I reached there on Friday 9:30 PM, which was fastest reach that I ever made to my place from Bengalore. Started early because I was suffering with cold and little fever.

I had good sleep that night, and met Laxme and Naresh in N’s home at 12:30 PM Saturday. Naresh: What’s up Vamsi? You came exactly just after the lunch … Reaching towel… to dry his hands...and Smiling….

Me: Don’t worry I had my break fast, late, I won’t trouble you… you stingy miser.

And Bharath and Ravi joined us, we all started countering Naresh with jokes and talks, and Laxme concluded saying we are going to a movie – Ready That’s the movie name :) .

Despite being drowsy, I decided not to miss any event, because Naresh sponsored all of us, which was very very rare stint – which I love to see.
After movie, we dispersed and met again at “Snow drop” - a famous stop in my town for friends and couples. Naresh clicked few photos with his new mobile, mobile looks fantastic, photos look vibrant.

Naresh: Those who want these photos just switch your mobile blue tooth ON…he started selecting all the photos to transfer. Ravi: Naresh do you have my Andhra number?? Don’t transfer it to my Kerala one, it will become STD....
Every one looked every other face. At once, started laughing at Ravi being a mobile illiterate. We all ended up with a plan of going to Horsley hills, on bikes.

Sunday: After having break-fast, I left home, Pummy also joined us, and we started around 11:00 AM to catch up our preplanned trip. Ravi-Bharath, Laxme-Naresh and Pummy-me, and 3 bikes, enough for the trip.
The first stop was at a temple, Laxme prayed goddess before giving Naresh to drive his bike.
Second stop at Rajasthan Tea Shop, my favorite place to have Tea in Angalu. That’s the place where my engineering college is.

Reached Horsley hills, really that was great time to sit with friends to gossip at the edge of hill for some time. And we walked around to see some good places to have photo sessions and to recollect all our college days.And returned back. While retuning we stoped at our engineering college to have few more pics. Now, Let me try a kind of photo blog.

Ice-Stop: Naresh, Ravi, Laxme, Bharath.

Pummy to serve the same purpose.

Man is bead of monkey.

While returning.

Bharath and Laxme.

@College - Naresh, Bharath, Ravi, myself and Laxme. Pummy behind the lense.
1 more lovely day ended.. thanks to you all - Bharath, Ravi, Naresh and Laxme, for joining me .

Friday, June 20, 2008

Small World

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous ...
After completing my 2nd assignment, the very next day got a mail from HR which reads - go to Madivala Branch for a week, it was to help a project in need of a guy worked in ECC 6.
Reached Madivala, met managers, identified the work, finally, they allotted me a cubical.
The same cubical where I started my carrier, where I did my first object Executive Compensation, Where I struggled to learn ABCD… of ABAP, place where John, Ravi, Naveen, Subbareddy, Nishanth and me worked in same project – SAP Governance. Now, I can see only John in the same team every other left to many other projects and teams.
Those were good – great – memorable and so unforgettable moments.
I never expected that I will write a post/ABAP sitting in same place, where I wrote my first post/program. World is small,very small, many roads will cross again and again.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Final object..

After 16 months of bond with my 2nd assignment, last week I came to know that I will be released, cause of project ramp down. And from that moment, I was struggling to keep up my concentration on my last object – IFI073 sorry my dear object, I was unable to do justice for you, which I did earlier for rest and can’t do now - seems like I have to learn controlling emotions.

I entered this development center on Feb 1st 2007, with my blue colored sweater in hands - I remember that's my favorite one. New faces, new work, new place, new timings, new managers, new challenges. Now, the same new became old, 16 months old.

Wow, many friends, became much closer when time rolls down. Every day lots of smiles were around. Hope, they will not vanish in course of time.

Today, I Started taking back up of my documents. Just thinking thinking and thinking about new opportunities and old challenges.

My dear friends. 'I loved this journey'... Every moment .. Every one.. Every event .. Every object ...