Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apogee of Violence!

Horror in all Indian cities Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, and Hyderabad all were on their toes since last week, 25th Jul 08, to protect itself. But, from whom??

In Bangalore, two people died in blasts, Peace was killed, fear conquered, panic occupied every heart, roomers running around, all together, that was a day, a day of blood, where innocent people were aimed and killed.Two innocent people,their family can’t see them again. Never ever again.

Ahmedabad, it’s the
pinnacle violence, 53 people killed, no MURDERED!

May god rest their soul in peace and give courage to their families to withstand this punishment for the mistake which they never did!!

What I did that day...
- I was shocked to listen about the blasts.
- Searched all Bangalore contacts in my mobile and conveyed my safe.and Inquired d same.
- I was watching CNN IBN.
Thinking about innocent deaths.Murders.

How unsecured life is???

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Purposeful day

That was a noble cause, and a selfless effort. Contributors, Participants, donors, deserved beneficiaries, college staff, juniors all together, every one, made The Elixir a great success.

This weekend, I was at college, attending Elixir - scholarship program. The actual brain behind this program was Sunil.

Sunil, I spoke to this fellow in my 3rd year of engineering. Every step in his career n college took me by surprise. Illuminatus, Sixth element, Positron, MITR, Elixir were all big events originated from his small thoughts. Working with him has always been a pleasure. You are a born leader dude a born leader.

Hari Krishna had put all his efforts to select 3 deserved candidates from 3 batches. However in last moment, after holding a discussion with individuals, we made it 4 candidates from 3 years. Two of them to share one scholarship.

And, we had a good support from college staff and Juniors. The scholarships distributed along with our favorite Illuminatus session and prize distribution for Ecom Function were held between 2pm and 4.30pm. And, The Day was purposeful.

Pics on Purposeful day!

Sunil & Hari distributing Ecom Prizes to Juniors.

I got a chance to congratulate my juniors

And I got few pic from our last alumni.

Me Bharath Ravi Laxme Sitting in same bench and Pummy White guy in Black shirt. Sunil and Shakeel in next Bench.

Shakeel answering few question from Juniors.

Some lite moments.

My Vote of Thanks to Juniors and college.

Sunil with Microphone, Naresh (doing show off for his new watch), Bharath (sitting behind Shakeel).

"MLA after 5 yrs becomes X MLA, PM will become X PM, CM will become X CM, but there are no X Students, X Parents and X teachers" - Prof. Jillani, our beloved Illuminati.

This Saturday nite, I felt like, I want to sleep early, rare feeling for me. Dreaming about creating more purpose and meaning to my days.

Till next time.
- Mohan Vamsi

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mixed Emotions.

A surprise…
Last week I got an exclusive invitation from Accenture – career sharpening session in SAP – 2008, held in Bengalure, at Leela palace, on Saturday.

Leela palace. it’s a place, no, it’s a palace, with water fountains, bushes – decorated in variety of designs, pictures of Mr.&Mrs. Kings, their dress, ornaments, old idols few r nude,old vessels, garments / cloths, @ every edge there will rose flowers floating in water tub made of copper, well facilitated conference rooms, shopping malls, swimming pools, food courts, and, delicious food. All at one place, Leela Palace.

All together. That was a very nice experience; I got to know about Netweaver and its functionality being an ABAPer.

My next assignment works are at full swing. Getting calls and mails. I may get engage with it very soon.

And, the most joyful one, I passed a test which I conducted to myself. That's a surprise. Will tell you next time. What is the test which I took myself.

No Regrets...
This week, there was painful event. Once, I slipped my tongue. I asked a right question, to a wrong person, at a rite time right presentation – don’t know the consequence but I don’t regret about that. It was not my intention to doubt his sincerity. Sorry, It pains me more than you uncle.

When it matters life(s), there is no hesitation about asking questions and being open. I never experienced such strange situation, and forced to ask a question, which was nowhere in my mind.

If I continued to be myself there, I would never ask such stupid question. I represented some one else question. Be your self was the moral.

There will be a discussion, about this pain tomorrow (Friday). God, pls keep remind me of critical situation handling.

Till next time.
- Mohan

Friday, July 4, 2008

Okay !

Doing nothing is very difficult, because you never knew when you are going to stop that work ...but some times its Okay.

This week, whole week, I did nothing, except waiting for my next project mails. I got a chance to explain to every one, how custom BAdI works in SAP and its usage along with required coding part. M spending most of the time learning, practicing, writing (blogs/code), Chatting and reaching friends on mobile.

I feel Software engineering is not a Job, not a job at all. Its a new life style, new way of living, will take years to get adjust.

Windmills of the Gods, is really really a fantastic novel, I will be completing it this week end.

If I get a change to travel in time....
This we clicked, when I was in my final semester engineering. With all my beloved friends. Now, every one scattered, reaching only in mobiles. Now, I completed 2 years in Wipro on 26 of June - so, 2 years for the date 02-06-2006

A lite moment in JKC. Don't ask me where are you??

Madan, Siva, Naresh, Ravi, myself and Pummy.

Until next time.
- Mohan Vamsi