Friday, August 8, 2008

Became hyderbadi..

....with a 4 day, 3 friends trip.
Biggest train journey ever had – nearly 1340 K.M, BLR to HYD and return. Comfortable. Thoroughly enjoyed gossips with Psycho while going, in return my 2 GB I pod shuffle was very handy.

There were two things that I was not able try in Hyderabad.
- Hyderabad Biryani.
- Prasad IMAX.

Biryani, because my aunt’s (Mothers-sister) tasty food never allowed me to eat outside, in every visit. My aunts tasty food is intact, even this time.

Generally I don't have interest in movies, knowing that, I can’t spend Rs 200/- in IMAX, but, want to see that Asia’s biggest screen, once, at least once. While crossing near by flyovers. I use to Imagine IMAX giant screen, that’s it.

But the 10th trip to HYD, was all together a different one.
( 1st with Dad, 7th class., 2nd dad hospitalized, 3rd dad hospitalized, 4th get dads death certificate, 5th insurance issue, 6th job fare, 7th Collect Wipro offer letter, 8th cousin marriage, 9th to leave cousin).

Ravi, Chinmayi and I went to IMAX for the move DARK KNIGHT. After IMAX we had supper at Ohri’s, that pizza was awesome, we ordered one more.

The next day,on Sunday, Bawarchi a hotel famous for HYD Biryani severed my Biryani desire. Enjoyed waiting and eating with that duo.

Chinmayi – I met a new friend, she is witty, clever and equally studious. To my understanding - She knows exactly what she wants and d ways.

And many more...
- All the time it was raining, resembled BLR.
- Went to HYD Central for shopping.
- Bharath and Mahesh joined us, some time in Central.
- Mahesh was intact, in terms of his jokes!
- Finally Lunch at TajTriStart was a real memorable.

Returned BLR on Tuesday morning 0700. And the office day started again.

~ Mohan