Thursday, November 27, 2008


This week is special in many ways,

My interest of taking technical sessions, was fulfilled with my workflow training, this week,that was good, good response, nice experience, good learning, it was a 3 day session, 4 hours per day.

I will be leaving my cubical 049 this week end, my work place is going to get changed, this change is not the end, a beginning. Beginning of new learning.

For the past 2 years, December ‘06 to December ’08, 049 was a speechless witness to my feelings. Successes. Failures. Learning. Disappointments.Finally Departure.

These days i like to write short posts, simple short posts, expresses my feelings, and this post is a kind of special, m writing it directly in my blog, with out using editors ;).

Friday, tomorrow, last date in current project, moving to new project, Monday, a new Week.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Can Do.

I never accepted, such a big opportunity, that is a real challenge. I grew, bold enough - accepted to give training in a concept, where I have just theoretical knowledge but, I Can Do That.

Teaching is twice learning, but, you already need to learn before you teach, that’s what I am done right now.

Email from Cloud nine:
Got an email from Senior Vice President, to come and meet her, for doing good job that kept me in cloud 9.

That day was really exiting, you won’t believe, I purchased a new Schuler’s blue colored decent and matching pant to attend that meeting. That talk was inspiring, really well, that kept all my engines on to work again, outstandingly, yes, I Can Do that, again and again and again.

She said, there is only 1 p.c of guys with my rating in our practice. That raised my chest raised by 2 inches and kept me smiling n silent.

Conference Recipe:
Hey, we started cooking. My intention is to save money, and Babul’s (btw, he is my tall room mate) was to skip that un-homely Kamat’s lunch and dinner.

Keeping my cousin Prathi and my Mom in conference, I made UPMA on this Thursday. Now, I can do, cooking as well.

That UPMA was really really fantastic, felt like a debutant making a century or like taking a perfect 10 in an innings.

I love cricket:
Being said about debutant century and perfect 10, Dada’s and Jumbo’s retirement, kept me in surprise, but not shocked. I love the bowling style of Kumble, he was a real warrior.

I am a good athlete, but, that athlete is sleeping some where deep in side this software engineers sole.

We can do:
With a change campaign, Obama made his impressive win as a US president his punch line through out his campaign was “we can do” that change.

New Year very near:
And, I am waiting for that to come, and, bring few excitements. Now, I am in my 3rd year of SE career, moving to my 3rd Project. I can do, this as well..

At my diary.
- Mvk.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Friends @ my Town..

My Madanapalle - And - My Friends..!

Naresh (Fire Fox), Laxme, Ravi, Myself.

- Mvk