Sunday, October 4, 2009

Journey ... a Destination

after long time we went OUT of Geneva, we took train from here to Lausanne (Worlds Olympic city). And from there to Geneva we came back by Yacht.! Our Destination was this Journey.

The lunch was memorable, that was a 3.5 hrs wonderful and memorable experience.
- Mohan

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reformation Wall

Today we been to historic "Reformation wall" in Geneva inaugurated in 1910. Click here to read more.
Observe the symbol - "IHE" this is a Christogram, with an interesting meaning, Jesus Christ.

Until next time, yours ..

Friday, September 18, 2009

All things digital..

The Sunny Swiss days were faded now, day became shorter, winter started with its flipping wings, every other day it was drizzling, and who knows rain drops my convert to snow soon.,

Statistically - I completed 8 months here in Swiss, i Came here on Jan 10th, that day in Geneva temperature was little less than zero, every thing – every where – snow covered.

Our project is going good – I am sure this is my best ever project till now, in terms of my learning, it boosted my SAP skills a lot - SRM is more technical rather functional.

Every week, I am reaching my Mom and my sister in Skype, they could able to see me with my new Logitech – 49CHF webcam – technology digitalize every thing – includes relation between a Mother and Son!

  • Never ever try to boil eggs in Owen, last week one egg blasted in my hand, no guts to touch the 2nd.
  • Don't plan (ur personal) things too much, especially looking at weather forecast, because it's just a forecast - But YSR Tragedy was an unfortunate, May god rest his sole at peace.
  • Watched the move "Angles and Demons" - Advice you reading is better than watching.,
  • Not only the cost, also you need to look at ur need, mistakenly i purchased a 750 GB external hard disk, labeled 99 CHF - A digital mistake.
  • My best friends list will always have that name, she is a very good friend of mine, but all good things will end a day, especially friendship with girls - with their marriage. All the very best to you 'S' - my digital wishes.
For these 8 months internet and software became part and parcel of my life, its not the life which i love to life. But,every things every where soon be dizitalized ...101001000010.

At my Diary,
- Mvk

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Met Premji ..

Wow.. Here it goes, Our Chair person visited our work place. Mr. AHP.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet Memories..

Really not sure when we took this picture, ltz perform radio isotope dating little later to find picture date, but this was my first ever picture in my first ever school (New Little Flower High School), its precious and very very special. After my 3rd Class, I was shifted to Other (my dad working) school... (updated this picture on 30th April 2011)

7 years later...

My 10th Class Picture, farewell party, we are Millennium batch (Yr 2000 pass outs). Do you now, chief guest for this party was my Dad, worked as Math's teach for long years in the same school, 6th Person in 4th row.. I can re-collect his full speech on that day..!

After Six beautiful years..

We completed our B.Tech some where in May 2006, this is our farewell party day in our MITS college Madanapalle. Beautiful day.

Many more next time.
- Mvk

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swiss Swim…

Yesterday took one more “leave on holiday”, Saturday was Swiss day.

My Saturday started at 12 PM, lazy wake up, prepared some break fast (Bread – Butter – Omelet), joined with 3 other colleagues – Srini, Roy and Sudhakar, we went to the Geneva lake artificial beach with natural beauty ;) , had a good time for 3 hours, after that, there was a giant wheel just on the lake bank, 6 CHF, paid and tried. All the other 3 claimed that they were old enough not to dare that, but, My main intension was to see how Geneva and Geneva Lake looks after I reaching the top, it’s wonderful.

After that we headed to Hermance, a small village where Swiss ends and France starts. Had Lunch - Sandwich and Coke.

Every where, Swiss flags flickering, ppl getting ready for evening parties and celebrations.

Don’t be miss guided that I am a good swimmer, but will become a good swimmer by the time I leave Geneva. This Saturday was good day to swim, very sunny.

Two things which I observed in Swimming,
-    All the time you will be in water, but after coming out you feel thirsty.
-    You never fell like you are loosing 600 calories per hour. Just like eating, you never knew how many calories you are gaining while eating.

Sun Bath - Sleeping under the Sun after the Swim. I did that. It was very relaxing.

From Hermance, we too bus ‘H’, and reached Geneva. Walked into the Indian Plaza – Good Indian restaurant, time passed with many topics, and interesting topic being “topic about topics”.

The time I reach home it was around 10:30, I can hear clear clackers sound, but body-pains because of swimming, so unable to reach the city center to see the Swiss day celebrations. I Missed it.

I am in Swiss since January 11th, almost 7 months to now, not explore Geneva much – Statistically this is the 3rd Best city to live in the world.

Till next time - Mvk

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Connect 4..

Days are passing like minutes, every yesterday was like the moment which passed me just now, feels like today was not at all started, sun will be shining high but the time will only be 730 PM.

Donno, when will I realize that I am not finding time to regret that I am missing many things around me..

The only refreshing was Connect Four... we play in office, friends in office call me ‘Killer’ as I skip being looser most of the times, to add some respect to there opinion I called my self as “Ruthless killer”,.. ;) .….but, when ever I loose they calling me ‘Killed Ruthlessly’… its a short game, but very refreshing - you can even try that.

Other wise, I am not counting how many beautiful sunny (weekends) days in Swiss I am spending in office. Some time back I pledged my self not to touch LT a day, that means took leave on a holiday, and that day I did swimming, and I learnt it (I think – as I started floating at the the EOD)..Swimming in Swiss..huh..

In Madanapalle… I replaced my PC with a new one as my mom/sis are not able to catch up with the problems given by one old beauty (pc), Daily we are connecting up at their free time. Planning many things to do when I return back, but don’t know when will I..!

Today (Sunday) the moment I woke up I realized 2 things, Work and More work, so had a quite a bit log video call with Mom and Sis..said will be busy in evening and bye..!

My 2 inch more-grown belly will tells you that I am cooking ( and eating) these day very very well..

Earlier, in office, I use to sit at place, walk around just to have coffee or lunch. Now, became lazy enough to have lunch also at my own place.. body needs food and exercise as well..

..This is my first post writing from Windows Live Writer..! Handy to avoid SPELLENG mistakes.

At my Diary - Mvk

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Three..

The 3 ...places I visited and the Special IIIrd yr.

Don't know whether it is a good habit or not , but for the given situations I never been to any of the outings in my college or in my School days. The only trip (??) which I went was in my first year B.Tech. A one day trip - that was always in front of my eyes.

Got an chance to visit Italy - Hence, my first ever trip, to Venice and Millan.

Pic1 : In Venice, it is a water city, and a cool day.

Not immediately but some time later got a chance to visit Bern, interlacken and Zurick.

Pic 2: Here is the place between Heaven and Earth - Jungfrau.

And luckly on my 24th Birth day I was at Chemonix. That was a Sunday and sunny day,.

Pic 3: Mont Blank Mountains

Finally on 26th June, I completed my 3rd wedding anniversary with ABAP-SAP-Wipro.

All happening in Swiss, lucky to be hear, hope my good work will fetch me more luck and great carrier.

@ my diary,
- Mvk

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SRM Smartforms.

I just thought, why shouldn't use my lovely space to portray my small small inventions (discoveries ?) :) in my Day-to-Day SAP Life.

If you are really interested in SAP. Here it goes. How to customize Smart forms in SRM.

Scope: How to customize an existing Standard Smart form in SRM - Overview.

  1. Copy smart form BBP_PO into "Z'' Smart form
  2. Do changes in Z Smart form add Desired Logos in Smart form using SE78 and SMARTFORMS transactions.
  3. Unlike ECC we will not have Driver program (in SE38), you will find Processing class and Processing method ( in SE24) for SRM Smart forms, where we write extraction logic.
  4. So, In case of SRM we should replace the "Driver Program" with "Processing Class" and Perform as "Processing Method".
  5. Where to Link Processing Class, Processing Method and Smart form? In SPRO, SRM Server -> Cross Apps -> Set Output Actions and Output Format -> Define Actions for Purchase Order Output -> Action definition -> Processing types, then select standard PO.
  6. If we are using Custom Form instead of Standard Smartform, then Don't change any settings in Step5, Just Implement BADI - BBP_OUTPUT_CHANGE_SF in SE19 transaction.
  7. Put a simple code in BADI as... IF IV_OBJECT_TYPE eq 'BUS2201' . CV_SMARTFORM = 'Z_CustomSF'. ENDIF.
  8. Don't forget you already copied Standard SF to Custom SF in Step 1 so use it in Step 7.
Why can't you try it once!!

Till next time..
- Mvk.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No SE80 till now ;)

I got my work: as a technical and a grooming functional consultant, thoroughly enjoying my work, working under healthy pressure (to now :( ), and challenging objects, but, after coming here I never opened by favorite transaction SE80 (Object Navigator) for ABAP development.

Manage to leave: Office before 6 PM, on Friday, we left office at and around 6 PM, here apartment will allow you to wash cloths on a specific time slot, Friday 1 PM to 9 PM, last week we missed it, this time we managed it, next time we will plan for it.

Slowly and steadily: Getting adjusted here day-by-day, self cooked food, transportation facility is fantastic, we can adjust wrest watch time after observing the bus arrival, exact time!!

Bonjour: Though you know or not, people here will give you a pleasant smile every morning, just like a family member, and say Bonjour, I reply Good morning.

M a Junior: If you buy a single travelers pass you can use Bus, Tramp, Boat facilities for transportation in Geneva, my age is 23, they considered me as a junior (Student) and provided a Pass for half of the rate 45 CHF!!

I enjoyed: boating from one side of the Geneva Lake to other side, one side is my place and the other side is the 22 Cantons, a city center.

Saw Coops: for the first time in Geneva, on Saturday, they were there to provide security to civilians as there was a possession. Never saw Cops wandering on Streets!!

Nani, My cousin, got married, I missed that beautiful event, but wished them through life less phone line, I wish you happy marriage life Nani!!

Last Sunday was sunny, but this Sunday we didn’t step out of home, it is a full day snow falling … !!

So,updating my blog sitting just beside the window eating tomato scoop mixed with noodles.

Pray god to take this world out of this economic recession.

At my daily,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

38,000 Ft

...from de ground surface.
display on de screen, opened my eyes when an Lufthansa steward disturbed my deep sleep to have a breakfast at 0550 AM IST, :)

2 BR's (Bharath Reddy n Babul Reddy) - with out you my journey would never been a memorable one, thanks is not enough,but, to now, you have to adjust with this, THANKS a lot.

Babul, Bharath, Mom n Deep came to BLR Internation airport to send-off me - still that picture is alive in my eyes.

I love you all: I miss every one for some times, take care of your self and your health.
worried about my health in this new place, but it is stable and I am safe, can concentrating more on my work now.

Every body said I am lucky to share a house with Mohan.D, so welcome to a new house mate in my life. Thanks for making me Lucky Mohan.

- 2 weeks passed away when I am getting adjusted with work, here I am at biggest fresh water lake in Europe.

- Hermance, small municipality a boarder 2 countries.

Some one deep from inside asking me to give my ever best, never turn back, use every opportunity!! I am ready, ready to face the heat, MM - ABAP - Workflow, never got a such a big combo. I will try to marry her again this year, her name is ... (OS rating :) ).

Keep in touch,
Rue de vollandes, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland.