Sunday, January 25, 2009

38,000 Ft

...from de ground surface.
display on de screen, opened my eyes when an Lufthansa steward disturbed my deep sleep to have a breakfast at 0550 AM IST, :)

2 BR's (Bharath Reddy n Babul Reddy) - with out you my journey would never been a memorable one, thanks is not enough,but, to now, you have to adjust with this, THANKS a lot.

Babul, Bharath, Mom n Deep came to BLR Internation airport to send-off me - still that picture is alive in my eyes.

I love you all: I miss every one for some times, take care of your self and your health.
worried about my health in this new place, but it is stable and I am safe, can concentrating more on my work now.

Every body said I am lucky to share a house with Mohan.D, so welcome to a new house mate in my life. Thanks for making me Lucky Mohan.

- 2 weeks passed away when I am getting adjusted with work, here I am at biggest fresh water lake in Europe.

- Hermance, small municipality a boarder 2 countries.

Some one deep from inside asking me to give my ever best, never turn back, use every opportunity!! I am ready, ready to face the heat, MM - ABAP - Workflow, never got a such a big combo. I will try to marry her again this year, her name is ... (OS rating :) ).

Keep in touch,
Rue de vollandes, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland.