Sunday, February 1, 2009

No SE80 till now ;)

I got my work: as a technical and a grooming functional consultant, thoroughly enjoying my work, working under healthy pressure (to now :( ), and challenging objects, but, after coming here I never opened by favorite transaction SE80 (Object Navigator) for ABAP development.

Manage to leave: Office before 6 PM, on Friday, we left office at and around 6 PM, here apartment will allow you to wash cloths on a specific time slot, Friday 1 PM to 9 PM, last week we missed it, this time we managed it, next time we will plan for it.

Slowly and steadily: Getting adjusted here day-by-day, self cooked food, transportation facility is fantastic, we can adjust wrest watch time after observing the bus arrival, exact time!!

Bonjour: Though you know or not, people here will give you a pleasant smile every morning, just like a family member, and say Bonjour, I reply Good morning.

M a Junior: If you buy a single travelers pass you can use Bus, Tramp, Boat facilities for transportation in Geneva, my age is 23, they considered me as a junior (Student) and provided a Pass for half of the rate 45 CHF!!

I enjoyed: boating from one side of the Geneva Lake to other side, one side is my place and the other side is the 22 Cantons, a city center.

Saw Coops: for the first time in Geneva, on Saturday, they were there to provide security to civilians as there was a possession. Never saw Cops wandering on Streets!!

Nani, My cousin, got married, I missed that beautiful event, but wished them through life less phone line, I wish you happy marriage life Nani!!

Last Sunday was sunny, but this Sunday we didn’t step out of home, it is a full day snow falling … !!

So,updating my blog sitting just beside the window eating tomato scoop mixed with noodles.

Pray god to take this world out of this economic recession.

At my daily,