Monday, May 11, 2009

The Three..

The 3 ...places I visited and the Special IIIrd yr.

Don't know whether it is a good habit or not , but for the given situations I never been to any of the outings in my college or in my School days. The only trip (??) which I went was in my first year B.Tech. A one day trip - that was always in front of my eyes.

Got an chance to visit Italy - Hence, my first ever trip, to Venice and Millan.

Pic1 : In Venice, it is a water city, and a cool day.

Not immediately but some time later got a chance to visit Bern, interlacken and Zurick.

Pic 2: Here is the place between Heaven and Earth - Jungfrau.

And luckly on my 24th Birth day I was at Chemonix. That was a Sunday and sunny day,.

Pic 3: Mont Blank Mountains

Finally on 26th June, I completed my 3rd wedding anniversary with ABAP-SAP-Wipro.

All happening in Swiss, lucky to be hear, hope my good work will fetch me more luck and great carrier.

@ my diary,
- Mvk