Sunday, July 26, 2009

Connect 4..

Days are passing like minutes, every yesterday was like the moment which passed me just now, feels like today was not at all started, sun will be shining high but the time will only be 730 PM.

Donno, when will I realize that I am not finding time to regret that I am missing many things around me..

The only refreshing was Connect Four... we play in office, friends in office call me ‘Killer’ as I skip being looser most of the times, to add some respect to there opinion I called my self as “Ruthless killer”,.. ;) .….but, when ever I loose they calling me ‘Killed Ruthlessly’… its a short game, but very refreshing - you can even try that.

Other wise, I am not counting how many beautiful sunny (weekends) days in Swiss I am spending in office. Some time back I pledged my self not to touch LT a day, that means took leave on a holiday, and that day I did swimming, and I learnt it (I think – as I started floating at the the EOD)..Swimming in Swiss..huh..

In Madanapalle… I replaced my PC with a new one as my mom/sis are not able to catch up with the problems given by one old beauty (pc), Daily we are connecting up at their free time. Planning many things to do when I return back, but don’t know when will I..!

Today (Sunday) the moment I woke up I realized 2 things, Work and More work, so had a quite a bit log video call with Mom and Sis..said will be busy in evening and bye..!

My 2 inch more-grown belly will tells you that I am cooking ( and eating) these day very very well..

Earlier, in office, I use to sit at place, walk around just to have coffee or lunch. Now, became lazy enough to have lunch also at my own place.. body needs food and exercise as well..

..This is my first post writing from Windows Live Writer..! Handy to avoid SPELLENG mistakes.

At my Diary - Mvk