Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet Memories..

Really not sure when we took this picture, ltz perform radio isotope dating little later to find picture date, but this was my first ever picture in my first ever school (New Little Flower High School), its precious and very very special. After my 3rd Class, I was shifted to Other (my dad working) school... (updated this picture on 30th April 2011)

7 years later...

My 10th Class Picture, farewell party, we are Millennium batch (Yr 2000 pass outs). Do you now, chief guest for this party was my Dad, worked as Math's teach for long years in the same school, 6th Person in 4th row.. I can re-collect his full speech on that day..!

After Six beautiful years..

We completed our B.Tech some where in May 2006, this is our farewell party day in our MITS college Madanapalle. Beautiful day.

Many more next time.
- Mvk

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swiss Swim…

Yesterday took one more “leave on holiday”, Saturday was Swiss day.

My Saturday started at 12 PM, lazy wake up, prepared some break fast (Bread – Butter – Omelet), joined with 3 other colleagues – Srini, Roy and Sudhakar, we went to the Geneva lake artificial beach with natural beauty ;) , had a good time for 3 hours, after that, there was a giant wheel just on the lake bank, 6 CHF, paid and tried. All the other 3 claimed that they were old enough not to dare that, but, My main intension was to see how Geneva and Geneva Lake looks after I reaching the top, it’s wonderful.

After that we headed to Hermance, a small village where Swiss ends and France starts. Had Lunch - Sandwich and Coke.

Every where, Swiss flags flickering, ppl getting ready for evening parties and celebrations.

Don’t be miss guided that I am a good swimmer, but will become a good swimmer by the time I leave Geneva. This Saturday was good day to swim, very sunny.

Two things which I observed in Swimming,
-    All the time you will be in water, but after coming out you feel thirsty.
-    You never fell like you are loosing 600 calories per hour. Just like eating, you never knew how many calories you are gaining while eating.

Sun Bath - Sleeping under the Sun after the Swim. I did that. It was very relaxing.

From Hermance, we too bus ‘H’, and reached Geneva. Walked into the Indian Plaza – Good Indian restaurant, time passed with many topics, and interesting topic being “topic about topics”.

The time I reach home it was around 10:30, I can hear clear clackers sound, but body-pains because of swimming, so unable to reach the city center to see the Swiss day celebrations. I Missed it.

I am in Swiss since January 11th, almost 7 months to now, not explore Geneva much – Statistically this is the 3rd Best city to live in the world.

Till next time - Mvk