Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reformation Wall

Today we been to historic "Reformation wall" in Geneva inaugurated in 1910. Click here to read more.
Observe the symbol - "IHE" this is a Christogram, with an interesting meaning, Jesus Christ.

Until next time, yours ..

Friday, September 18, 2009

All things digital..

The Sunny Swiss days were faded now, day became shorter, winter started with its flipping wings, every other day it was drizzling, and who knows rain drops my convert to snow soon.,

Statistically - I completed 8 months here in Swiss, i Came here on Jan 10th, that day in Geneva temperature was little less than zero, every thing – every where – snow covered.

Our project is going good – I am sure this is my best ever project till now, in terms of my learning, it boosted my SAP skills a lot - SRM is more technical rather functional.

Every week, I am reaching my Mom and my sister in Skype, they could able to see me with my new Logitech – 49CHF webcam – technology digitalize every thing – includes relation between a Mother and Son!

  • Never ever try to boil eggs in Owen, last week one egg blasted in my hand, no guts to touch the 2nd.
  • Don't plan (ur personal) things too much, especially looking at weather forecast, because it's just a forecast - But YSR Tragedy was an unfortunate, May god rest his sole at peace.
  • Watched the move "Angles and Demons" - Advice you reading is better than watching.,
  • Not only the cost, also you need to look at ur need, mistakenly i purchased a 750 GB external hard disk, labeled 99 CHF - A digital mistake.
  • My best friends list will always have that name, she is a very good friend of mine, but all good things will end a day, especially friendship with girls - with their marriage. All the very best to you 'S' - my digital wishes.
For these 8 months internet and software became part and parcel of my life, its not the life which i love to life. But,every things every where soon be dizitalized ...101001000010.

At my Diary,
- Mvk

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Met Premji ..

Wow.. Here it goes, Our Chair person visited our work place. Mr. AHP.