Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sister's marriage

thanks one and all for your wonderful wishes and blessing to my sister at this wonderful auspicious occasion of her marriage...

Wow... family is bigger now :) Myself, My Bro'in'law, Deepthi, My mom

At My Diary,

Monday, November 1, 2010

"do i need to tell you"

Calm sunset...
Full moon with chilling air...

long talk about nothing...
gentle smile saying everything...

feel of beloved.
feel of belief...

wakeup call each day..
good nite mail every nite..

ur my wish..
ur my luck..
ur my dream..

Queen of my thoughts..
You are always in my mind..

a star came from sky’s..
ur always in front of my eyes..

it’s a vacuum without you..
it’s 410 am and you cross one more glorious year...

happy returns of the day honey....

you said ..."do i need to tell you"....

- Mvk

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Wish, I live life singing this song for ever and ever with ....

it's a Magic of Ilayaraja with this musical anthem...

aakaasam e naatido.. anuraagam aanaatide.. (2)
aavesham enaadu kaligenu aanaade.. telisindadi (2)
aakaasam e naatido.. anuraagam aanaatide.. (2)

E poovu E tetidannadi e naado raasunnadi,
E muddu E movidannadi e poddo raasunnadi,
Bandhaalai penaveyu vayasuku andaale daasohamanagaa,
Mandaaram virabooyu pedavulu madhuvulane chavi choodamanagaa,
Paruvaale.... Pranayaalai.....
Swapnaale.... Swargaalai.....
ennenno srungaara leelalu kannullo rangeli alagenu
aakaasam e naatido.....

E megham e vaana chinukai chiguraake molaketteno,
E raagam e gunde lotuna e geetam palikincheno,
Hrudayaale terateesi tanuvula kalabosee marapinchamanagaa,
Kaugililo cheravesi madanuni kariginchee gelipinchamanagaa,
Mohaale..... Daahaalai...
Sarasaale... Saradaalai....
Kaalaanne nilavesi kalalaku ivvaalee velaleni viluvalu
aakaasam e naatido...

- Mvk

Monday, October 18, 2010


Top of the town..


just wakeup from sleep..posed with bmw.

@FCB Barcelona

See my rays of wisdom..

@my diary,
Mvk (Soon back to India)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

count back

last week full moon days were amazing i enjoyed watching moon sitting in the park next to my home every night (what to call 12:30 am?) when i return home from office, one jet just crossed the big full moon with a long tail is the highlight ! unfortunately didn't capture.

i am counting my swiss days, i am going back happily as one more big moment is waiting for my arrival, every minute for the past 18 months i enjoyed, i could say i learnt two 's' swimming & SRM in 'S'wiss.

eagerly waiting for our current project success, it is good, great and amazing working like this, when some body asked me i said, "I want to work in Chinese and Japanese projects at least once in my whole carrier - Just want to see how much more hardworking they are?, than Indians".

Today is world heart day, do take care about your sweet little heart :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


it was my no show in my blog for last 4 weeks, project work getting piled up. no show at swimming no show for jogging... no show in skype for mom.

One more June 26th, means i completed 1 more yr at Wipro. 4 year years now, I remember the beautiful days of my final year college and exiting days of first few months in wipro. My first salary of 10,000.

tomorrow i am going to Hamburg Germany, as part of business team. My first second official trip, still lot of pending things, hv 2 more days to do before testing.

'Closing the eyes mantra' from home to office is working, its makes a big difference @ ur work. Expressions are very important, emotions are even more important, first ever time i lot my control recently, i really repent for that, its a true lesson, that taught me how not to behave.

any way, these day i am reading more about financial planning, loans, talking to people, asking questions, investments, career and e.t.c, big words in my small rusted brain.

C u all soon..
- vamsi

Thursday, May 20, 2010

in common..

A.R.Rahman, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar , SPB, Shane Warne, Michael schumacher, Vishy so on.. this list has unlimited limits, unlimited limitations, limited impossible and unlimited overwhelming joy in doing everything they do.

What is in common...?

Their basics are strong, even then - not less than 100000 time they might practiced, they might have dreamt it, while walking while eating while sleeping they can see only one thing, they can think only one thing, their passion, every vicotry made them responsible, every defeat made they stronger, every step made them wiser...

Still something in common...

What might be Vishys thoughts just before the day he played the 12th and final game in world championship, when the scores were tie on 11th game.
What i can guess is, what it can't be – he must hv not thought this... “Day-after tomorrow will I woke up as a champion or a looser?” Because A day later he is the CHAMPION.

So, let us listen what is in common from a champion..
Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision - Muhammad Ali

---@ Me ---
I am preparing for an exam after almost 4 year, all these 4 year reading became my habit, after 4 years still it can't be a habit, now its my character! Now all i need is good practice..

donno whether i will be a champ or looser ... but i know i am enjoying this exam preparation... i love journey, rather the destination.

with love,

Monday, May 10, 2010

this time..25

thanks to all my dearest and lovely friends, colleagues and parents for your warm wishes for my 25th birthday..

- this time i wrote personal emails thanking all my friends who sent me wishes online... in that mail i added my special memories with them.. dt was lovely... Mr.CSC din't like dt..

- this time i got my first birthday bumps ... omg... my back became numb for an hour... finally i added "guys thanks for giving me my 1st b'day bumps" ... they got excited and pulled my legs and hands wider to give me more bumps .. :-(... so never say thanks for things which hurts you physically...inspite touches your heart :-)

- one of my dearest friend sent me this...reads good ahaa..

- 2day the same day my mom also born (as mother) :-) .. happy mother day maa..

with love..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i am swimming in 'Free style' now, started practicing consistency, that was a 25 mtr Length pool and i learnt swimming in 10 attempts in dt pool, thanks to Anand. If you pay 35 chf, you get a entry card for 10 attempts, each time you insert it into to a card reader, card count reduces on screen, card will come out opening the door for pool entry – on 10th time card reader swallowed the card, said thanks for using.

For Easter vacation I didn’t made any post, that was simple to say..6 Country crossings --> 5 friends --> 4 Cities --> 3 Days --> 2 Night stays --> 1 Vacation. It was around 3000 km trip in Citroen crosser.

Now, I am waiting in my friend’s house for exiting laptop to be delivered, my first ever Laptop Dell Studio 15 Series (1558).

remind yourself your security questions, in Gmail it was true that Google password server got some problem. Be aware guys - stop sending mails to my yahoo account as I stopped using it and blocked the same for some reasons.
@ 1640 dated 28th april..
Here is my first picture using my new laptop..

till next time,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the 1st time.. many ways
Back from home, this is the first weekend in Geneva after vacation. Yesterday we went to Geneva Auto show, it was an 80 yr old show, lot of Car(s and) models, last year I missed this show, excited to see for the first time. Check out..

In Vacation, that was the first time Myself mom and my sis went together for a movie in almost 8 yrs, we went to temples and we went together for mom's health check up in Vellore. We went for the movie Leader, Did you observe Director Shekar acted in this movie for 2 frames :) ... In my vacation I phoned all friends and met all possible important and special people. Today Connected to home in Skype ... New IFB washing machine was good and dy liked it.

After vacation, I moved from Technical stream to Procure to Pay business team, new chance to learn new things. For the first time I am officially Functional consultant.

Chennai, For the first time I went to Chennai, Had good (hot) time there but was unable to taste the special Dosa there ;( As always Had good time with Naresh there.

For the first time on Thursday and Friday I went to Swimming in Pool .... Starting learning my free style swimming, let us see how quickly will i learn. :)

Happy Advanced New year all my Telugu friends.

With love,

Friday, February 26, 2010


Every day going lively here, reason being very simple - No alternative for Love, every body were telling I became like balloon... a real time for re-think about my weight. I am walking like a (Naresh must be happy to read this..) pregnant lady :(

Today I visited 2 Dentists, as i got an unexpected pain when i woke up this morning.

I went to a novice (i believe) dentist, when i explained my problem him in Telugu, he replied in English, mother was sitting next to me ... after x-ray, He gave me a twist saying he need to do RCT :( (which was like a minor surgery) .. I said Okay give me some pain killer and will see u on Monday.

Immediately after leaving my mom in RR street for shopping, I took appointment with a senior doctor (Dr.Diwakar) in town and explained him about the problem (about RCT twist) , his words show his experience, i was little happy to hear his explanation, and then I realized nothing had happened wrong with me... he advised a new toothpaste and 3 tablets. With today's visit, our 3 generation ppl in our family visited Dr.Diwakar. His Hospital was E std in 1981.

I am feeling okay now before my sleep, ... I thought I took wise decision for not going RCT, this was just 2nd time I am visiting a dentist, 1st time being in Geneva. Frankly to say I am very panic towards Dental problems, as my first problem (teeth extraction for non regular geometry) was a night mare for me, and this time after a week I need to travel back, travel itself is a pain for me, and pain with a pain :( .. i was worried.

Daily I checked my office mails, after every body slept, and now I think I can't check them any more as I am getting busy with my personal activities and will be out of town.

Tomorrow is the 1st year death anniversary for our grand mother... I miss her lot.

with love..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 4.5

First time after coming back, I had my lunch and dinner at home with my Mom and Sis, My school teacher and family friend also joined us for Lunch yesterday. My teacher’s son like the replica of field ball for FIFA 2011 world cup match, I brought from Geneva, unfortunately we can’t play with that in mission compound ground.

Connect 4 – my teacher, Deepthi, mom and my self, we 4 played connect 4 many times. They liked this game, I may need to buy one more in BLR. I lost couple of times with each … with the same baseline mistake.

Our mobile was stolen when in house repair and painting, that was our favorite fancy number, and so we retained that number again yesterday, and purchased a new Nokia 2700 Classic.

I told several ppl about IMEI, a unique number for Equipment, need to be used with Police for filing a case against to Mobile steal, see in my case how exactly I missed. This time I will not let it go… I marked all 3 mobiles IMEI numbers in diary. You do take care.

My mom use to travel 22 km to her school every day, now after transfers it’s very near to our house, very near that - just now she came back to home for lunch and returned. By now she must have started teaching (playing?) with her 1st class students – Today For the first time I dropped her at the new school, it’s a village near by and 4 to 5km from home, well connected with autos and buses.

After furniture work and new paints our house looks decent… I could not help Mom and Deepthi in that work :(

We all are preparing for the Saturday’s Puja.

at my diary,
- mvk

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 3.0

The third day was little exiting, and exhausted as we all (7 ppl, 3 bikes) went to Horsley hills.

Unlike yesterday, today I woke up little early, by that time I open my eyes, Ravi was sitting on his bed and doing meditation (is it?).

By 10 am we were on roads, we all started to our only favorite place Horsley hills.

This time in Horsley hills we did little different - After our chill out and chit chat time, we went to a local motel and placed our order for food, the food preparation time was 1 hr, exactly at that time Naresh called us said we are at “Adventure”.

What is Adventure – A Set of games in which you need climbing the Net and then walking on the rope between any two long trees, finally walk back to the Net and you will have FREE Fall from the top of the net to ground. Charges, 100 bucks per person.

Bharath, Started the game, he went up to the Net, we all made a big photo session, for his every gesture, then he successfully walked from the top of Net to another tree on a rope way, and free fall was also good. Then followed by Naresh, Did the same way but he looks little worried on rope. And we were betting for whether rope will sustain or Not.

I thought I could not do it, as am feeling little difficult in breathing because of heavy dust in drive.

I successfully went up the hill (net), and then started walking on the rope, by the time I reach middle, that enthusiastic instructor shook the rope, I completely lost the balance, I was hanging in air with a rope tide to my hip.

Some how I managed to reach the other end, and declared I will get down, but I realized… Babai (Naresh) was LoL …so again I started the journey back to the Net, this time instructor went away to give me moral and visual support. Then I reached the Net safely and successfully.

Then comes the free fall, that other instructor must be a muscular man, because after free fall to ground he must be the guy who should manage to land us safely by holding the rope tight at rite time – he did his job perfectly for myself and Babai, who’s weight read 80 + the other night in weight machine.

It was lot of fun all the day, Ravi started to BLR at around 18:30 and Bharath left to HYD, Laxme will start to BLR tomorrow morning, and Naresh started to Chennai.

Bharath, Laxme, Naresh, Ravi, Pummy and Prathap - Have a great week ahead.

With love..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 2.0

Breakfast - (its true, dts a break of a fast for 13 months to such a lovely food .. my moms food)..

Six Friends - lot of fun, jokes, playing, recollecting, joy, teases, road side food, connect 4, more than that I felt that I am really laughing for the first time ... which i missed in recent time.

Move 2,. Leader, Inspiring movie. One more good movie by Shekar.

Bharath, thanks for coming 4m Hyd. Hey Ravi Thx for joining us form BLR, Naresh love u da.. u took 2 days leave for me and was waiting for me in Chennai airport when I called u from BLR airport, jokes apart, Ur a best friend of mine.

Laxme and Prathap -- Ur jokes are end less.. Mahesh u could also jonied us.

Waiting for lovely tomorrow.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Weekend started, we are going for a training in Bussigny this weekend.

This week no much surprises, only good was i liked the sandwich, which i am preparing in morning, adding lettuce leafs added additional taste... um... Some good developments around SRM and Web Order Entry go live.:)

( If you don't know SRM jump to next paragraph - In Shopping cart do not try to Change the preferred vendor (partner function 0039) to fixed vendor (partner function 0019) using BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI unconditionally , because line items already lying in sourcing cockpit with preferred vendor will throw error - saying partners can't be changed take care next time :))

So, This weekend i can't call mom in skype, btw, she is busy in house work (teacher doing home work) my granny anniversary is very near and we are suppose the paint our house.

Still 22: Lot many more days to go home. The moment i booked my tickets, since then, i feel like i am going home tomorrow - but that tomorrow never came yet.

In Geneva these days are very cold - windy - chilled. Becoming hard to wake up early morning, surprised when i woke up last morning (On a busy week day) at 8:10 am. Tomorrow morning need to catch up the train at 7:40 am -- Need to really work hard.

WEF is going on in Davos - All world economic gurus are in swiss now, temperature in davos once drooped to -18.

For software engineer there are only 2 days - Once is weekdays the two Weekends.

Congrats to Aamir for his Padma-award,still unable to understand why Saif got one. Let us not forget to recollect our national hero, on his 62nd Death anniversary, whose thoughts were far advance the then his time ear in which he lived - Gandhiji

with love, waiting for salary day :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Geneva Note book

“I love to travel, but I hate to arrive” – Albert Einstein.

But, I love both, first on-site journey and Geneva.

3 yrs back, if I heard about US of A or UK, only thought was Software Jobs, and, when I heard about Switzerland – honey moon for high end families.

But god blessed me a software job in Switzerland and allowed me to realize that Swiss was not all about honey moon!

What I heard about onsite, what I assumed, what I realized, what I experienced, what I worked, all are different – only 1 common point – “you can’t stop your learning”

Switzerland and Geneva – definition for quality of life – the real beauty of Geneva is Geneva lake. I was in an assumption Swiss stopped growing at Chocolates and Cheese, but if you look at the Infrastructure for common man, it’s really amazing – there you will realize Swiss can’t be stop in growing – it’s an ace of RF – moving forward at the fast of Shumi, it’s a beauty dot in Alps.

By today, my first flight journey in Lufthansa from Bangalore to Frankfort and then to Geneva celebrates its anniversary, Amma, Deepthi, Babul and Bharath came to Airport on that day - Every first thing will be memorable.

Same day last year I had tickets in my pocket, ironically, today I have tickets again in my hands, reserved my tickets to Chennai in Etihad Airways. I home in Feb – End.

Catch me if you can..

Monday, January 4, 2010

Invisible Journey..

an old untold story in Jan 2010..

The time moved one step ahead, stepped into 2010, 2009 - Thanks for being with us for all the TIME..

Um... New year is a Passport for new ideas, new resolutions, new activities, new decisions, new thoughts, new actions and many more. My new year day Dec31st night was good, we all went to friends house for a dinner, lot of fun, but Geneva as a city was very dull, streets were empty, no sound, absolute silent, tramps & buses were not at all crowded (may be Pubs must be busy ;)).

I called all possible lines to INDIA at 7:30 CET to wish new year. Chennai - no way, I tried minimum of 20 times not even once the line connected.

The 2nd day in new year, the 1st trip of 2010. Milan, Italy - it will be my 2nd time visit to Milan. I planned a lot, checked the train timings, places to visit, food, museums,noted many things and slept little early. So the day started at 4:30 AM. Our plan is to catch the train at 5:56 Train to Brig, from Bring Euro City train will take us to Milan by 10:30 AM.

Journey started, we discussed a lot, lot of fun, jokes, the last day of 2009's party videos - There comes the Storm - The topic of PASSPORT.

Every body asked every other to check their passports, as we were crossing the border of international territory. I never ever thought about the passport last night - which i normally carry every trip. Here goes my mistake (my assumption) - I thought Italy and Swiss both are schengen countries, and so, no passport was required, it can be a excuse.

I continued my journey, with fear now, we reached BRIG, after 15 minutes boarded the 7th Wagon of Euro City Express. When we are about to take our seats, Conductor (i thought) came and asked for Passport, I gave him tickets, he said (shouted) I am not conductor I am police..! Opened my Wallet took out my L-Card (issued by Swiss), handed it to him. He said - "You are not Authorized, go back, or Italian police will catch you" ... train was fast enough, By the time this happens we were already in Italy..

For a moment, all others were shocked & surprised, I agreed my mistake, I decided to go back once I get down in Milan. BUT, it makes no difference, If i return immediately or wait (or walk around) in the city and return in evening 7 pm.

Just keeping my nerves cool, I stepped down train Milan - mind was not free, unable to re-collect what exactly i planned...!! Some how we visited few places but unable to see the The Last supper painting.

In return, we were checking for Police (not conductor), if comes, I can rush into wash room..! (Telugu movie trick)...Do you know .. finally after Lussane it worked out.. police arrived and i calmly walked into the wash room.

So - Plan BIG, Thing BIG, Act BIG, do not forget the small things. Lot of small things put together and makes a Thing, BIG.

And today back to work, first day at work in new year. BTW, today I received new L-Card, which will allow me to live here in Swiss for one more year :))

Till next time,
- Vamsi

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Twenty Ten

Happy new year to all my family members, friends, colleagues, readers, relatives and all others. I wish you great year 2010 ahead. 2009 - thanks for being with us.

For me Year '09 'was' a special and memorable, in terms of work or worries or health or wealth or friends or relatives or sorrow or joy or job or any thing.

But 2010 is always an opportunity and a puzzle. I wish you all success in the new Era of time . With a fullest of my heart I pray god to bless us to start the new journey.

Personally the year 2009 is a kind of storm in my tea cup, my beloved granny died in March, and, I am a guy who was never away from home (in Madanapalle) for more than two weeks, but, with in a week (by Jan 10) I complete 1 yr in Geneva, I understood really am a guy with Home sick!

Happy birthday 2010,
- Mvk.