Friday, February 26, 2010


Every day going lively here, reason being very simple - No alternative for Love, every body were telling I became like balloon... a real time for re-think about my weight. I am walking like a (Naresh must be happy to read this..) pregnant lady :(

Today I visited 2 Dentists, as i got an unexpected pain when i woke up this morning.

I went to a novice (i believe) dentist, when i explained my problem him in Telugu, he replied in English, mother was sitting next to me ... after x-ray, He gave me a twist saying he need to do RCT :( (which was like a minor surgery) .. I said Okay give me some pain killer and will see u on Monday.

Immediately after leaving my mom in RR street for shopping, I took appointment with a senior doctor (Dr.Diwakar) in town and explained him about the problem (about RCT twist) , his words show his experience, i was little happy to hear his explanation, and then I realized nothing had happened wrong with me... he advised a new toothpaste and 3 tablets. With today's visit, our 3 generation ppl in our family visited Dr.Diwakar. His Hospital was E std in 1981.

I am feeling okay now before my sleep, ... I thought I took wise decision for not going RCT, this was just 2nd time I am visiting a dentist, 1st time being in Geneva. Frankly to say I am very panic towards Dental problems, as my first problem (teeth extraction for non regular geometry) was a night mare for me, and this time after a week I need to travel back, travel itself is a pain for me, and pain with a pain :( .. i was worried.

Daily I checked my office mails, after every body slept, and now I think I can't check them any more as I am getting busy with my personal activities and will be out of town.

Tomorrow is the 1st year death anniversary for our grand mother... I miss her lot.

with love..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 4.5

First time after coming back, I had my lunch and dinner at home with my Mom and Sis, My school teacher and family friend also joined us for Lunch yesterday. My teacher’s son like the replica of field ball for FIFA 2011 world cup match, I brought from Geneva, unfortunately we can’t play with that in mission compound ground.

Connect 4 – my teacher, Deepthi, mom and my self, we 4 played connect 4 many times. They liked this game, I may need to buy one more in BLR. I lost couple of times with each … with the same baseline mistake.

Our mobile was stolen when in house repair and painting, that was our favorite fancy number, and so we retained that number again yesterday, and purchased a new Nokia 2700 Classic.

I told several ppl about IMEI, a unique number for Equipment, need to be used with Police for filing a case against to Mobile steal, see in my case how exactly I missed. This time I will not let it go… I marked all 3 mobiles IMEI numbers in diary. You do take care.

My mom use to travel 22 km to her school every day, now after transfers it’s very near to our house, very near that - just now she came back to home for lunch and returned. By now she must have started teaching (playing?) with her 1st class students – Today For the first time I dropped her at the new school, it’s a village near by and 4 to 5km from home, well connected with autos and buses.

After furniture work and new paints our house looks decent… I could not help Mom and Deepthi in that work :(

We all are preparing for the Saturday’s Puja.

at my diary,
- mvk

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 3.0

The third day was little exiting, and exhausted as we all (7 ppl, 3 bikes) went to Horsley hills.

Unlike yesterday, today I woke up little early, by that time I open my eyes, Ravi was sitting on his bed and doing meditation (is it?).

By 10 am we were on roads, we all started to our only favorite place Horsley hills.

This time in Horsley hills we did little different - After our chill out and chit chat time, we went to a local motel and placed our order for food, the food preparation time was 1 hr, exactly at that time Naresh called us said we are at “Adventure”.

What is Adventure – A Set of games in which you need climbing the Net and then walking on the rope between any two long trees, finally walk back to the Net and you will have FREE Fall from the top of the net to ground. Charges, 100 bucks per person.

Bharath, Started the game, he went up to the Net, we all made a big photo session, for his every gesture, then he successfully walked from the top of Net to another tree on a rope way, and free fall was also good. Then followed by Naresh, Did the same way but he looks little worried on rope. And we were betting for whether rope will sustain or Not.

I thought I could not do it, as am feeling little difficult in breathing because of heavy dust in drive.

I successfully went up the hill (net), and then started walking on the rope, by the time I reach middle, that enthusiastic instructor shook the rope, I completely lost the balance, I was hanging in air with a rope tide to my hip.

Some how I managed to reach the other end, and declared I will get down, but I realized… Babai (Naresh) was LoL …so again I started the journey back to the Net, this time instructor went away to give me moral and visual support. Then I reached the Net safely and successfully.

Then comes the free fall, that other instructor must be a muscular man, because after free fall to ground he must be the guy who should manage to land us safely by holding the rope tight at rite time – he did his job perfectly for myself and Babai, who’s weight read 80 + the other night in weight machine.

It was lot of fun all the day, Ravi started to BLR at around 18:30 and Bharath left to HYD, Laxme will start to BLR tomorrow morning, and Naresh started to Chennai.

Bharath, Laxme, Naresh, Ravi, Pummy and Prathap - Have a great week ahead.

With love..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 2.0

Breakfast - (its true, dts a break of a fast for 13 months to such a lovely food .. my moms food)..

Six Friends - lot of fun, jokes, playing, recollecting, joy, teases, road side food, connect 4, more than that I felt that I am really laughing for the first time ... which i missed in recent time.

Move 2,. Leader, Inspiring movie. One more good movie by Shekar.

Bharath, thanks for coming 4m Hyd. Hey Ravi Thx for joining us form BLR, Naresh love u da.. u took 2 days leave for me and was waiting for me in Chennai airport when I called u from BLR airport, jokes apart, Ur a best friend of mine.

Laxme and Prathap -- Ur jokes are end less.. Mahesh u could also jonied us.

Waiting for lovely tomorrow.