Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the 1st time.. many ways
Back from home, this is the first weekend in Geneva after vacation. Yesterday we went to Geneva Auto show, it was an 80 yr old show, lot of Car(s and) models, last year I missed this show, excited to see for the first time. Check out..

In Vacation, that was the first time Myself mom and my sis went together for a movie in almost 8 yrs, we went to temples and we went together for mom's health check up in Vellore. We went for the movie Leader, Did you observe Director Shekar acted in this movie for 2 frames :) ... In my vacation I phoned all friends and met all possible important and special people. Today Connected to home in Skype ... New IFB washing machine was good and dy liked it.

After vacation, I moved from Technical stream to Procure to Pay business team, new chance to learn new things. For the first time I am officially Functional consultant.

Chennai, For the first time I went to Chennai, Had good (hot) time there but was unable to taste the special Dosa there ;( As always Had good time with Naresh there.

For the first time on Thursday and Friday I went to Swimming in Pool .... Starting learning my free style swimming, let us see how quickly will i learn. :)

Happy Advanced New year all my Telugu friends.

With love,