Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i am swimming in 'Free style' now, started practicing consistency, that was a 25 mtr Length pool and i learnt swimming in 10 attempts in dt pool, thanks to Anand. If you pay 35 chf, you get a entry card for 10 attempts, each time you insert it into to a card reader, card count reduces on screen, card will come out opening the door for pool entry – on 10th time card reader swallowed the card, said thanks for using.

For Easter vacation I didn’t made any post, that was simple to say..6 Country crossings --> 5 friends --> 4 Cities --> 3 Days --> 2 Night stays --> 1 Vacation. It was around 3000 km trip in Citroen crosser.

Now, I am waiting in my friend’s house for exiting laptop to be delivered, my first ever Laptop Dell Studio 15 Series (1558).

remind yourself your security questions, in Gmail it was true that Google password server got some problem. Be aware guys - stop sending mails to my yahoo account as I stopped using it and blocked the same for some reasons.
@ 1640 dated 28th april..
Here is my first picture using my new laptop..

till next time,