Saturday, July 3, 2010


it was my no show in my blog for last 4 weeks, project work getting piled up. no show at swimming no show for jogging... no show in skype for mom.

One more June 26th, means i completed 1 more yr at Wipro. 4 year years now, I remember the beautiful days of my final year college and exiting days of first few months in wipro. My first salary of 10,000.

tomorrow i am going to Hamburg Germany, as part of business team. My first second official trip, still lot of pending things, hv 2 more days to do before testing.

'Closing the eyes mantra' from home to office is working, its makes a big difference @ ur work. Expressions are very important, emotions are even more important, first ever time i lot my control recently, i really repent for that, its a true lesson, that taught me how not to behave.

any way, these day i am reading more about financial planning, loans, talking to people, asking questions, investments, career and e.t.c, big words in my small rusted brain.

C u all soon..
- vamsi