Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nothing is easy, Noting is complex...

dr r no wrong decisions r rite decisions, just tough decision. take a decision, and try to make it rite (as you 'believe' its rite,), ...! Rest is just the result....if result is good its success, otherwise its circus, either of them its just an experience, believe in ur self, stick to rite things, or make ur belief rite, after-all what your believe says wtz ur character is.. Tomorrow is always awesome and optimistic, but 'today' a wonderful opportunity, opportunity to make yourself better and better and better...

if some thing looks impossible, i say its impossible only, till we make it possible, some one say complex, i understand he is thinking complex, if some one say easy, i know its going to screw... and so decisions.... nothing is easy noting is complex.. its just the way we look at it...

+A, Positive in attitude

Monday, April 25, 2011

230 AM to 230 PM

8th April, Saturday morning 230 A.M, from somewhere, stopping my dreams, killing my weekend fun, a pain started somehow, really somewhere, I didn’t understood from where the pain is coming-in.

Till 5:30 AM.
I am sweating, walking, self talking, lie-down on the floor, pressing the stomach. Finally, Mom’s advice of warm water with a tablet worked, slept till 10:30 AM.

By 4:30 PM
Called Jag, admitted in Hospital (for the first time, ever), until then I was jumping with the pain. This pain is challenging me. Except Crying I did everything.

In Emergency Care Unit, Got a first relief, with a pain killer injection, and doctors started and completed their analysis with a CAT scan, Finally, The beginning of, A 5 M.M Story.

Nothing much to worry, you got a five mille meter stone, in kidney

I, with my heart in my mouth, “If there is a stone of 5 mm in my kidney, why is this sudden pain, neither gradual nor any special symptoms”

“It was there in your kidney and it is coming out now, that is the reason, every movement of stone is causing pain for you”

Jag took me to his home, with the prescribed medicine, but by Sunday Night, nothing worked, Admitted in Hospital Again. This time Krishna Venky Chetan Tej Camu came to hospital, Their support was really heart touching.

After very very very long, two days of observation I was discharged on Tuesday after noon, I reached my House by 230 PM. Believe me it was very very boring.

Dr said, 7 lts of water/day to avoid further problems and no tablets(Ty god).

Bottom Line: 'Invent' some time for your body, by watering it, by calorie burning, by proper food, by meditation, by proper 7 hr sleep, by peaceful book reading, or, otherwise, the Doctors will get ROI on his/her studies.

Thanks to all my friends, special thanks to Jag and chandana.

have fun guys,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Missing your love, guidance, anger, smile, jokes, appreciation, inspiration, maths, warmth hand on my head when I am down every time, missing a lot in life when I look back what happed 8 long yrs ago..

It gives me a great confidence when ever I thought you are with me, still you are alive in my dreams, every act, every work, mistake, win, fear and behavior.

God took away the word 'naana' from me. Rest in peace Dad...


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Men at work!!

Summarizing all my experiences, travels, fun, fun in travels (?), purchases, readings, friends, meetings, opinions, work, relations --- way back from my India vacation. Its a wonderful Saturday,today, Just wake-up after a small nap and looking a Miami Desk!!

By d by, trying to re-collecting what I use-to-do here, its blogging defined like, a web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

A true exercise for imagination, and best place to look-at yourself, read my pointers, took me back to my every-simple hard-working PG-Living days...

Take your chair to read it :-)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

me @ photoshop

@ my favorite Photoshop... Mvk