Saturday, August 22, 2015

Unwritten exam

Continued reading question paper after 45 minuets into 10th class telugu exam, Bujji didn't understood lot of questions, instead got additional questions..
  1. Does the examiner want to kill Telugu?
  2. can my newly purchased examination pen or pad turns my fortune?
  3. Are there any simple ways to play-shuttle-before-exam and get marks?
  4. Poems..ah? Grammar ... telegraph morse code sound continued..
  5. OMG.. this looks like physics question...but, why is it in telugu paper?
  6. what the hell other guys are writing..
  7. Look at that shakeel..WTH is he up to & writing 
  8. Let me take a "Additional" will that make me Hero with zero marks..
  9. What if "I write any thing" and I get 90%
  10. All the question look very generic, should I generalize the answer too..
Questions still flowing... Bujji, sweating, shivering, feel earth moving under the feet,  air electrified around him, exam invigilator looks like interrogation officer, holding his head with hands.. thinking about whats father reaction for failing in exam and many more..closed eyes in pain of failure in Telugu exam!

Suddenly Opened the eyes from the bed, mid night from deep dream, in Raleigh North Carolina US.

PS: Reality was, Bujji painfully completed that exam with 74 marks and continued playing games for rest of the exams and got the least percentage expected out of him in 10th class. But that first exam fear never left him, and revisits him as exam nightmares. That's the end of unwritten exam by Bujji many many years after writing exam with no preparation.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

మరుక్షణం ...

మన జీవతంలో గొప్ప సంగటనలు అంటే?
వుర్తిగా అవగాహన వుండి కూడా, చెప్పడానికి లేదా రాయడానికి సరిగా వీలు కాదో.. అవి! అవి...

కలలాంటి నిజాలు ...
మరపురాని  క్షణాలు  ..
తెలుసుకోనేలోగ జారిపోయే  మధురక్షణాలు ...
సెలయేరులై  సాగే ఆనందాలు...
చిరు జల్లులాంటి భాష్పాలు ...
భాషలకు అందని అనుభవాలు ...
మాటలకందని భావాలూ ...
మనసు చేసిని ఓ తొమ్మిది నెలల తపస్సుకు ..
కాలం అనే సంద్రం చేసి మాకు ఇచ్చిన ముత్యం ... ఓ చిరు ముత్యం ... "కోవిద్",  ఐదు నెలలు గడిచింది, అంతా అంతటా ఒకటే లోకం ... "కోవిద్", ఈ ఐదు నెలలు ఓ క్షణంలా గడిచింది!!

ఆ బోసి చిరునవ్వు మాకొక లోకం, సర్వం, ఆనందం ... కోవిద్ ఈ రోజు (ఆగష్టు 15).

Moments in Life..

This blog was in 'Draft' mode almost 4 years. Some how missed it to 'Publish'.

Seventeenth, October 2011. It was going to be a great day, I know it, even before I open my eyes on the bed,well awaited day, however there was a beautiful unexpected surprise.

What I know was... I am going to join my 2nd Company after 5.5 yrs association with Wipro Technologies, not sure what to call my Old company, may be I can call it my SECOND College. I got graduated and joined Wipro on June 26, '06 to earn my first salary & to learn my life lessons. Wonderful journey. In fact, I made a video for that, Click here to see.

What I don't know ...was about this little angel baby girl for my Sister, on the same day. At first instance, she was not looking like her mother (my sister, Deepthi), she looks like my Mother.

For my Lovely Niece Ananyaa.... Click Here to see video about Ananaya.