Thursday, November 27, 2008


This week is special in many ways,

My interest of taking technical sessions, was fulfilled with my workflow training, this week,that was good, good response, nice experience, good learning, it was a 3 day session, 4 hours per day.

I will be leaving my cubical 049 this week end, my work place is going to get changed, this change is not the end, a beginning. Beginning of new learning.

For the past 2 years, December ‘06 to December ’08, 049 was a speechless witness to my feelings. Successes. Failures. Learning. Disappointments.Finally Departure.

These days i like to write short posts, simple short posts, expresses my feelings, and this post is a kind of special, m writing it directly in my blog, with out using editors ;).

Friday, tomorrow, last date in current project, moving to new project, Monday, a new Week.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Can Do.

I never accepted, such a big opportunity, that is a real challenge. I grew, bold enough - accepted to give training in a concept, where I have just theoretical knowledge but, I Can Do That.

Teaching is twice learning, but, you already need to learn before you teach, that’s what I am done right now.

Email from Cloud nine:
Got an email from Senior Vice President, to come and meet her, for doing good job that kept me in cloud 9.

That day was really exiting, you won’t believe, I purchased a new Schuler’s blue colored decent and matching pant to attend that meeting. That talk was inspiring, really well, that kept all my engines on to work again, outstandingly, yes, I Can Do that, again and again and again.

She said, there is only 1 p.c of guys with my rating in our practice. That raised my chest raised by 2 inches and kept me smiling n silent.

Conference Recipe:
Hey, we started cooking. My intention is to save money, and Babul’s (btw, he is my tall room mate) was to skip that un-homely Kamat’s lunch and dinner.

Keeping my cousin Prathi and my Mom in conference, I made UPMA on this Thursday. Now, I can do, cooking as well.

That UPMA was really really fantastic, felt like a debutant making a century or like taking a perfect 10 in an innings.

I love cricket:
Being said about debutant century and perfect 10, Dada’s and Jumbo’s retirement, kept me in surprise, but not shocked. I love the bowling style of Kumble, he was a real warrior.

I am a good athlete, but, that athlete is sleeping some where deep in side this software engineers sole.

We can do:
With a change campaign, Obama made his impressive win as a US president his punch line through out his campaign was “we can do” that change.

New Year very near:
And, I am waiting for that to come, and, bring few excitements. Now, I am in my 3rd year of SE career, moving to my 3rd Project. I can do, this as well..

At my diary.
- Mvk.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Friends @ my Town..

My Madanapalle - And - My Friends..!

Naresh (Fire Fox), Laxme, Ravi, Myself.

- Mvk

Friday, October 24, 2008

Colors of light..!

Yet again, Diwali, festival of lights, crackers, candles, celebrations and carefulness.

A day we celebrate behalf of good, to its win
over the evil.

I wish my friends, relatives, well wishers and their family members, Happy Diwali.

Now, a word to spread. Its time to fight with evil, again.

Evil - Pollution.

I want to celebrate this Diwali, with colors of light, just with lights, so, no to crackers, no to plastic, no to candles.

Why can’t we try, this time, with lamps made of mud, oil instead candle, distribution of sweets instead of crackers?

Let us make this Diwali a 'festival of change' to save our culture, customs and climate.

I am starting to home tomorrow, 4 days of festival, food, fun, friends and joy.

be a change you want to see in the society
- Mvk.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

End of conflicts..!

You can take right decisions only if you have experience, you will get experience only when you take wrong decision

Recently – I took few decisions, which made me more responsible, more confident, stronger and charged up.

Did I succeed with those decisions?? . . . May be no, but, I got experienced.

Things, happened around and after 3rd week of August were great and equally painful.

There was a conflict between my mind and heart. Heart said, ‘Over look the things’, and, the Mind said, ‘if you do so, you are the looser’.

There was a conflict between my earning and learning. That was a conflict between my opportunities and my capabilities.

Capabilities proved, you were up to the IT (information technology) market, and, I got various offers.

Opportunities, yelled, “In future IT need experts, only experts, you be one among them, grab the learning opportunities”.

Finally I won the race, a race with the time, time of 2 months.

In these 2 months, I asked few well wishers to tell me what is correct, and what is wrong.

Finally I asked a guy, a very important guy, interesting guy, he asked me to write down my priorities, opportunities, requirements, and that leads to a decision.

Thanks to that guy, myself.

I respected, my opportunities to improve my capabilities, my heart convinced my mind, and my mind made it self ready for one more mission which was not impossible.

Thanks to all my friends, colleagues, managers, relatives and family for supporting me in this time. Now, I continued to be a 'WIPROITE'

At my diary.
- Mvk

Friday, September 26, 2008

Scattering Started

Yes. Scattering of team. A Tea team. A Wednesday PVR night show team. A "love to laugh" team. An all andhra lunch team.

Venu will be starting to 'US of A' next week. I wish you all success in your new role Venu.

Soon, Pavan will be Joining Venu. Later, Jaggu will also become 'The American'.

IT provide again, lufthansa flights are always ready for any true talent - good luck Venkat.

In his new tech lead position, busily, steadily adjusting - Subba.

And, I .... will be missing you all!!

World is small enough. Our roads will cross again. May be at Wednesday PVR night show ;-).

Let me show you. Left to Right. One after the other.

Konduri Venkat Phani prasad. In short Venkat.
Venkata Jagadish pothuri. Jaggu- 'cool'est of all and equally hardworking.
Mohan Vamsi Krishna Avasaram - single person. MVK.
Valluru Subba reddy. Subba.
Venugopal Reddy Edulakanti. Dear QA. Venu.
Pavankumar vasudev Hukkeri. My ABAP reference point.

- M.V.K

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I will be there - 2008

Just like last year Teched -07. I love to be there in Teched 08. And here is the word to spread.
See you all at Teched -08.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

F5 !

.... A refresh Button

Every week end, apart from my house n family, if i am waiting for someone to see and play - then it should be this sweet baby boy - Sai. My tenant's baby, we call him Chayee. Playing with him is a real mind refreshing.

Only 7 months old, he Learned a lot, he smiles, he turns around, try to scrawl, try to threat other my widening mouth, fight with me to catchup my hair and many. became a good friend of my Mom.

He will smiles loudly, every time he saw my Mom - I love this event. They are good friends.

What will I be doing on week ends.
- Bill Payments.
- Cleaning house.
- Reading News paper.
- Reaching friends.
- Switching on my PC to see any new pictures clicked my mom.
- Playing with Chayee.
- Gossips with Mom.
- Face-to-Face with TV monitor.

Apart from this I am planning one major work. Which I will elaborate in a separate post.

But, my past 20 days starting from Aug 26th were under real pressure - May be this will be continued till next month.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gradual Shift !

Shifts – it’s a part of life. I could clearly observe that in my path.

Now my working hours had changed to 1430 to 2330. I start it far early and ends it little late may be next day.

My current organization gave me many things – friends, colleagues, good managers, great work, and joy of getting recognized, opportunity to give and take trainings, out standing annual performance ratings. I am happy. But, EOD vitamin M – Money does matter.

Reactive - conditions and situations taking control on you.
Proactive – you take control on your situations by making fair decisions.

I am proactive most of the times, if some one feel I am reactive, I don’t like revisiting it. For my career, I am the right manager, I listen to others to see d better ways to do things. Every one is unique. So no common solutions and situations.

Take decisions, lay your plans, work for results, dream your success, review result, accept failures, and obey work ethics – this might be a character I am desperately trying to achieve.

I should forget about earning, learn first, was my thought last year. Now, Priorities changed.

Should I allow priorities to work on me?? Should be NO. To now I can't share many things about what I am doing, But, I am taking few crucial decisions, turns my carrier.

Excellence is an attitude not a skill.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Became hyderbadi..

....with a 4 day, 3 friends trip.
Biggest train journey ever had – nearly 1340 K.M, BLR to HYD and return. Comfortable. Thoroughly enjoyed gossips with Psycho while going, in return my 2 GB I pod shuffle was very handy.

There were two things that I was not able try in Hyderabad.
- Hyderabad Biryani.
- Prasad IMAX.

Biryani, because my aunt’s (Mothers-sister) tasty food never allowed me to eat outside, in every visit. My aunts tasty food is intact, even this time.

Generally I don't have interest in movies, knowing that, I can’t spend Rs 200/- in IMAX, but, want to see that Asia’s biggest screen, once, at least once. While crossing near by flyovers. I use to Imagine IMAX giant screen, that’s it.

But the 10th trip to HYD, was all together a different one.
( 1st with Dad, 7th class., 2nd dad hospitalized, 3rd dad hospitalized, 4th get dads death certificate, 5th insurance issue, 6th job fare, 7th Collect Wipro offer letter, 8th cousin marriage, 9th to leave cousin).

Ravi, Chinmayi and I went to IMAX for the move DARK KNIGHT. After IMAX we had supper at Ohri’s, that pizza was awesome, we ordered one more.

The next day,on Sunday, Bawarchi a hotel famous for HYD Biryani severed my Biryani desire. Enjoyed waiting and eating with that duo.

Chinmayi – I met a new friend, she is witty, clever and equally studious. To my understanding - She knows exactly what she wants and d ways.

And many more...
- All the time it was raining, resembled BLR.
- Went to HYD Central for shopping.
- Bharath and Mahesh joined us, some time in Central.
- Mahesh was intact, in terms of his jokes!
- Finally Lunch at TajTriStart was a real memorable.

Returned BLR on Tuesday morning 0700. And the office day started again.

~ Mohan

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apogee of Violence!

Horror in all Indian cities Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, and Hyderabad all were on their toes since last week, 25th Jul 08, to protect itself. But, from whom??

In Bangalore, two people died in blasts, Peace was killed, fear conquered, panic occupied every heart, roomers running around, all together, that was a day, a day of blood, where innocent people were aimed and killed.Two innocent people,their family can’t see them again. Never ever again.

Ahmedabad, it’s the
pinnacle violence, 53 people killed, no MURDERED!

May god rest their soul in peace and give courage to their families to withstand this punishment for the mistake which they never did!!

What I did that day...
- I was shocked to listen about the blasts.
- Searched all Bangalore contacts in my mobile and conveyed my safe.and Inquired d same.
- I was watching CNN IBN.
Thinking about innocent deaths.Murders.

How unsecured life is???

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Purposeful day

That was a noble cause, and a selfless effort. Contributors, Participants, donors, deserved beneficiaries, college staff, juniors all together, every one, made The Elixir a great success.

This weekend, I was at college, attending Elixir - scholarship program. The actual brain behind this program was Sunil.

Sunil, I spoke to this fellow in my 3rd year of engineering. Every step in his career n college took me by surprise. Illuminatus, Sixth element, Positron, MITR, Elixir were all big events originated from his small thoughts. Working with him has always been a pleasure. You are a born leader dude a born leader.

Hari Krishna had put all his efforts to select 3 deserved candidates from 3 batches. However in last moment, after holding a discussion with individuals, we made it 4 candidates from 3 years. Two of them to share one scholarship.

And, we had a good support from college staff and Juniors. The scholarships distributed along with our favorite Illuminatus session and prize distribution for Ecom Function were held between 2pm and 4.30pm. And, The Day was purposeful.

Pics on Purposeful day!

Sunil & Hari distributing Ecom Prizes to Juniors.

I got a chance to congratulate my juniors

And I got few pic from our last alumni.

Me Bharath Ravi Laxme Sitting in same bench and Pummy White guy in Black shirt. Sunil and Shakeel in next Bench.

Shakeel answering few question from Juniors.

Some lite moments.

My Vote of Thanks to Juniors and college.

Sunil with Microphone, Naresh (doing show off for his new watch), Bharath (sitting behind Shakeel).

"MLA after 5 yrs becomes X MLA, PM will become X PM, CM will become X CM, but there are no X Students, X Parents and X teachers" - Prof. Jillani, our beloved Illuminati.

This Saturday nite, I felt like, I want to sleep early, rare feeling for me. Dreaming about creating more purpose and meaning to my days.

Till next time.
- Mohan Vamsi

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mixed Emotions.

A surprise…
Last week I got an exclusive invitation from Accenture – career sharpening session in SAP – 2008, held in Bengalure, at Leela palace, on Saturday.

Leela palace. it’s a place, no, it’s a palace, with water fountains, bushes – decorated in variety of designs, pictures of Mr.&Mrs. Kings, their dress, ornaments, old idols few r nude,old vessels, garments / cloths, @ every edge there will rose flowers floating in water tub made of copper, well facilitated conference rooms, shopping malls, swimming pools, food courts, and, delicious food. All at one place, Leela Palace.

All together. That was a very nice experience; I got to know about Netweaver and its functionality being an ABAPer.

My next assignment works are at full swing. Getting calls and mails. I may get engage with it very soon.

And, the most joyful one, I passed a test which I conducted to myself. That's a surprise. Will tell you next time. What is the test which I took myself.

No Regrets...
This week, there was painful event. Once, I slipped my tongue. I asked a right question, to a wrong person, at a rite time right presentation – don’t know the consequence but I don’t regret about that. It was not my intention to doubt his sincerity. Sorry, It pains me more than you uncle.

When it matters life(s), there is no hesitation about asking questions and being open. I never experienced such strange situation, and forced to ask a question, which was nowhere in my mind.

If I continued to be myself there, I would never ask such stupid question. I represented some one else question. Be your self was the moral.

There will be a discussion, about this pain tomorrow (Friday). God, pls keep remind me of critical situation handling.

Till next time.
- Mohan

Friday, July 4, 2008

Okay !

Doing nothing is very difficult, because you never knew when you are going to stop that work ...but some times its Okay.

This week, whole week, I did nothing, except waiting for my next project mails. I got a chance to explain to every one, how custom BAdI works in SAP and its usage along with required coding part. M spending most of the time learning, practicing, writing (blogs/code), Chatting and reaching friends on mobile.

I feel Software engineering is not a Job, not a job at all. Its a new life style, new way of living, will take years to get adjust.

Windmills of the Gods, is really really a fantastic novel, I will be completing it this week end.

If I get a change to travel in time....
This we clicked, when I was in my final semester engineering. With all my beloved friends. Now, every one scattered, reaching only in mobiles. Now, I completed 2 years in Wipro on 26 of June - so, 2 years for the date 02-06-2006

A lite moment in JKC. Don't ask me where are you??

Madan, Siva, Naresh, Ravi, myself and Pummy.

Until next time.
- Mohan Vamsi

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 'S'days

… lets call last Sunday and Saturday that way
Indian inflation touched decade’s high of 11.01. Can a common man do anything to control this??
This weekend – Ravi, Naresh, Bharath, Laxme (male) came to Madanapalle all the way from Cochin, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengalore, means a person from each state of South India.

But, I reached there on Friday 9:30 PM, which was fastest reach that I ever made to my place from Bengalore. Started early because I was suffering with cold and little fever.

I had good sleep that night, and met Laxme and Naresh in N’s home at 12:30 PM Saturday. Naresh: What’s up Vamsi? You came exactly just after the lunch … Reaching towel… to dry his hands...and Smiling….

Me: Don’t worry I had my break fast, late, I won’t trouble you… you stingy miser.

And Bharath and Ravi joined us, we all started countering Naresh with jokes and talks, and Laxme concluded saying we are going to a movie – Ready That’s the movie name :) .

Despite being drowsy, I decided not to miss any event, because Naresh sponsored all of us, which was very very rare stint – which I love to see.
After movie, we dispersed and met again at “Snow drop” - a famous stop in my town for friends and couples. Naresh clicked few photos with his new mobile, mobile looks fantastic, photos look vibrant.

Naresh: Those who want these photos just switch your mobile blue tooth ON…he started selecting all the photos to transfer. Ravi: Naresh do you have my Andhra number?? Don’t transfer it to my Kerala one, it will become STD....
Every one looked every other face. At once, started laughing at Ravi being a mobile illiterate. We all ended up with a plan of going to Horsley hills, on bikes.

Sunday: After having break-fast, I left home, Pummy also joined us, and we started around 11:00 AM to catch up our preplanned trip. Ravi-Bharath, Laxme-Naresh and Pummy-me, and 3 bikes, enough for the trip.
The first stop was at a temple, Laxme prayed goddess before giving Naresh to drive his bike.
Second stop at Rajasthan Tea Shop, my favorite place to have Tea in Angalu. That’s the place where my engineering college is.

Reached Horsley hills, really that was great time to sit with friends to gossip at the edge of hill for some time. And we walked around to see some good places to have photo sessions and to recollect all our college days.And returned back. While retuning we stoped at our engineering college to have few more pics. Now, Let me try a kind of photo blog.

Ice-Stop: Naresh, Ravi, Laxme, Bharath.

Pummy to serve the same purpose.

Man is bead of monkey.

While returning.

Bharath and Laxme.

@College - Naresh, Bharath, Ravi, myself and Laxme. Pummy behind the lense.
1 more lovely day ended.. thanks to you all - Bharath, Ravi, Naresh and Laxme, for joining me .

Friday, June 20, 2008

Small World

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous ...
After completing my 2nd assignment, the very next day got a mail from HR which reads - go to Madivala Branch for a week, it was to help a project in need of a guy worked in ECC 6.
Reached Madivala, met managers, identified the work, finally, they allotted me a cubical.
The same cubical where I started my carrier, where I did my first object Executive Compensation, Where I struggled to learn ABCD… of ABAP, place where John, Ravi, Naveen, Subbareddy, Nishanth and me worked in same project – SAP Governance. Now, I can see only John in the same team every other left to many other projects and teams.
Those were good – great – memorable and so unforgettable moments.
I never expected that I will write a post/ABAP sitting in same place, where I wrote my first post/program. World is small,very small, many roads will cross again and again.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Final object..

After 16 months of bond with my 2nd assignment, last week I came to know that I will be released, cause of project ramp down. And from that moment, I was struggling to keep up my concentration on my last object – IFI073 sorry my dear object, I was unable to do justice for you, which I did earlier for rest and can’t do now - seems like I have to learn controlling emotions.

I entered this development center on Feb 1st 2007, with my blue colored sweater in hands - I remember that's my favorite one. New faces, new work, new place, new timings, new managers, new challenges. Now, the same new became old, 16 months old.

Wow, many friends, became much closer when time rolls down. Every day lots of smiles were around. Hope, they will not vanish in course of time.

Today, I Started taking back up of my documents. Just thinking thinking and thinking about new opportunities and old challenges.

My dear friends. 'I loved this journey'... Every moment .. Every one.. Every event .. Every object ...

Thursday, May 15, 2008


in my life book...

If day looks pessimistic, even before the thought of opening eyes on your bed. Then, better not to wake up in that morning .

Want to enjoy the bike drive, go for a Horsley hills ride with a friend.

Eating a dish for the first time and judging it as Delicious or arguing it as Bull shit is foolish. Context not restricted to food.

If you are sleep 8 hours a day, 1/3 of life is wasted.

No earn-quick-lavish-money jobs, I paid biggest fee to learn this lesson.

To feel, the cool blue of dawn or to enjoy the red of dusk, you may need to loss some part of sleep or put more efficient effort at work to go home early.

Making a resolution to put down the weight and not eating burger is very easy because I did it several times.

Every time - Asking some one, whether your choice is good, makes you a good follower rather than leader. Being neither is not optimal.

Ask some one to talk about you for a minute, it must be 60 seconds or even more, then you can easily assess him, unless you must be knowing more about you.

Don’t take more time to realize that shopping with credit card and Psycho (Room mate) will keep you in a rat race for the salary day of next month.

If you feel like laughing for every sentence then you are reading Chetan Bhagat’s mini-novel series.
- 5 point some one.
- 1 night @ call center.
- 3 mistakes of my life.

Want to write best software, then you must be a skilled user of other good software as well- My rich experience.

If something makes you feel happy, don’t question your self - how you will live with out it. Just enjoy.

Want to know value of some one, just imagine life without them – Dad I really miss you.

Mid summer – hot noon – under the sun – felling thrust still not getting sweet, you are running on Bangalore streets.

Small is Big:
- Anonymous comments for posts.
- Favorite songs on ipod even shuffle mode.
- Getting seat to sit in Bangalore-Madanapalle bus.
- Salary on 29th .
- Making tea in Pantry, just imagining you as chief chef.
- Holidays on Monday and Friday.
- Writing a code like a poem, and reading it again and again and again.

And many… Last but not least cracking jocks with Mom Deeps granny and friends until wet eyes and stomach pain, on week ends.Will give immense joy.

Thanks to god for giving many reasons to smile.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I was ... I am… I will be…

I was a boy, naughty, quarreling, careless, mediocre student, street cricketer and a boy who got regular shunting from dad for not getting marks in Hindi. I was 22 till day –before-yesterday.

I am, or I became bit reserved, got a kind of strive to understand every thing and every one around me. Some time people call that as dedication, commitment, hard work, but I say just need to learn.

I will be, a teacher. Yes, I will be doing the same working which my dad, mom, my school teacher, my lecturers, my carrier did for me. I will teach or educate children but not now, soon, will start that passion to teach.

I don’t know why, but I feel January 1st and 10th of May are two among all my special days, every year.

This time I was in Bangalore – Kadappa bus via Madanapalle, I was in semi-sleep and got to know my left thigh got a kind of vibration because of mobiles cry. Opened and unlocked, saw 4 missed call. It is 12:05 AM 05-10-2008. And I was Twenty Three. Soon bus went into Vodafone-non-coverage area.

That was another beautiful day. Got blessings and wishes from all beloved ones. Thank, god mom and dad for giving me such a beautiful day, friends and relatives.

And special thanks for every one for your wishes, on my b'day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


That is the last age, age where you left with lots and lots of memories, many friends, moments and events that make your tips of lips to extend a bit with name – glimpse.

Age where you can have a control on every kind of emotion, less expectation and so disappointments. Ultimately, being with every one, who born and brought up in your hands.

3rd weekend’s Friday night of April, Granny (Grand Mother) got into unconscious, she was speech less and so was I. Every Friday night when ever I reach home, a tooth-less smile with a warm welcome, this time disappeared.

Next day – admitted in intensive care unit - ICU , SVIMS Tirupathi.
On that bed, she was very much looking like a baby, can’t drink, eat, breath and sit, and hardly speaking, opening eyes very often. Two days I spent most of my time in that ICU.

If you want to commit suicide, be there in ICU for a week, and you love your life, just a week. There you can see all kinds of emotions – deaths, pains, recoveries, happiness, yelling, shouting, screaming, curiosity n many. I saw 6 deaths in 2 days.

Next week when I reach Tirupathi, she started talking, I slept just beside her bed that night.

“Do you know how many people visited me? All most all of our relative, I brought up every one, I feed them with these hands” – again that old tooth less smile continued.

Even, after reaching Madanapalle this week end many of her old aged- temple-friends came frequently to see her - which made her feel very happy.

Last 3 weekends, I was wandering between Bangalore-Madanapalle-Tirupathi, and took a leaves, Mom and Aunt were there to take care of granny on week days.

A kind of relief, and my mind is free - found it difficult to work when any one struggling at home.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Feathers in My Cap

The joy of unexpected appreciations will be memorable, especially when you were seriously involved in work, it acts like catalyst – ‘which won’t directly involve in work but improves the performance’ by chemistry.

Exactly ten months ago vice - president Ramki, and 2 months later Delivery manager Rajesh Narayanan, now my X-project manager and present delivery manager Jojee Joseph, made those memorable moments in my carrier. I was awarded with three “Feather(s) in my Cap” in these short ten months in my new assignment.

The last one (on 11th April) was very very special – because it was being awarded for working in almost all technologies in ABAP available in my project.

That time, I was near to complete my one year in my office, some one from inside asked me ‘Did you learn any thing in this one year’ – soon the very next day I got award from vice president Ramki – which said ‘Yes, You are on learning path’. I never expected that I will get that award.

This time, I was just discussing with my colleague, regarding ‘Project name in which there will be a chance of getting exposure learning all technologies’ – couple of days later I got my 3rd Catalyst to my hand which said – ‘Don’t stop if you stop you are Out of Game’.

The current project/assignment taught me many things – and never felt that I was working alone. Huge team, experienced technical and functional consultants. Good managers. But, still need a chance of change – because always ‘Comfort zones are dangerous and I don't like them’.

‘I Do not want to die rusting, I prefer to burn out working'
- Sir. M. Vishweswaraya

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun n Green

Life is getting ceased in my work station. 18, 15, 17, 20 and 13 – not Indian cricket team score card, it was my score of average working hours per week for the past five weeks. So all I needed was a break. Effective - short break. Need to refresh mind rather than body.

Last week end - Saturday I was in office ‘again’ looking hours together into life less monitor. But on Sunday we made a difference with TRIP TO THALAKONA.

Reached Madanapalle at 11:30 PM Saturday night. But this time not alone but with Ayush, my friend cum colleague. Ayush is innocent/intelligent guy from Varanasi (UP) - so no needless to say - “He needs to be away from home for long time”.

My planned promise of taking him to Horsley Hills got postponed. With an untimely decision of Nish's plan of going to Talakona – one more time Nish is ‘my friend cum colleague’ with an addition of ‘from Madanapalle and my collage mate’.

Nish was there in Horsley Hills and Rishi valley with Ravi and Bhaskar – once again ‘my friend(s) cum colleague(s)’.

So we had a crew and a car with strong desire in every mind - ‘Let Us have FUN today’. Pilot – Nish (Fernando Alonso Reddy for that-day), co-pilot Bhaskar. A passenger cum rescue team - Ayush, Ravi and myself sitting back. It was congested. But my mind continuously pointing to – Take care and Take care – because desire to have more fun some time ends up with disasters.

Pilot started the journey exactly in opposite direction rescue team member(s) corrected him – so journey started with a mistake not a very bad sign.

Going going and going. For Ravi and Ayush every thing looks new. Ayush was silent and Ravi was never. He was applauding the AP roads, admiring the hills and I spent time cracking few PJ’s and enjoying in explaining the road details.

So after some time, Nish used break peddle for the first time in journey. It was a place where ground looked like green-carpet. Did God place a green carpet in a plan to come and take rest.

Just beside the paddy field there was a small canal and after that there is one railway track. Every thing is natural having a life in it.

Water, air, green paddy, surrounding hills looks vibrant.

But daily I was looking at life less monitors and cubical. All the time pressing keyboard and mouse buttons. Reaching people in mails. Breathe artificial air coming from even more artificial air conditioners. Funny – talking with life less thing hours and hours together that is my “mobile”.

Am I becoming a machine between all machines? No and No.

Sticking back - Ravi can’t resist him-self to have a show-off for his creativity in clicking the nature’s beauty and some times for us.

We went ahead to reach a beautiful place. THALAKONA.

We walked around 1.5 K.M to reach water fall. This was our first look of water fall and made us fell happy that we are very near to reach.

Here onwards there are no words to describe my trip only pictures will talk. With a bit of comments.

Ha, here it is. Tip of THLAKONA Trip.

After some time.

I tried to resist ‘not to get into water’ – but failed. (Ayush, Me and Bhasker – Ravi behind the camera lens).

Let me show you - Ayush, Bhasker, Ravi and Alonso Reddy. One-by-one. This pic was while we were on the way.

All together I really enjoyed the trip and Ravi’s 'six mega pixel photos' made my eventful and joyful day a memorable.

"Nature have certain elements in it, which we can't get in this materialistic world" - Mohan After this trip.

Happy Reading - Don't forget to post your comments.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Phew, I am waiting !

The New Year.
New Challenges to face.
New resolutions to full fill.

New decisions to take up.
New commitments to turn up.

New changes to accept.
New disappointments, disapprovals to agree.

New joys, emotions, feeling and fun, to enjoy.
New outings, parties, movies to engage.

New things to learn.
Few things to unlearn.

New books to read.
New bike may be to ride.

New journeys to start.
New silks to get smart ;-).

New Bengalore dishes to taste.
And New places to visit.

New salaries to get.
Few more taxes to get sweat.

New government budgets to cry.
New gadgets to buy.

New revisit of old festivals, birthdays and anniversaries.
New blogs to write.

I am waiting to Accept – Agree – enjoy every moment of New Year. I wish you all success in this new era of time. My dear friend named - TIME is getting older and older. Live in present, forget about past, don’t think about future –
But don’t forget to plan future. Failure to plan will be a plan to failure.
I am enjoying my new year’s first Sunday with my work in my office. Ha Ha. Happy New Year once again. Feel free to comment ;-).