Friday, September 26, 2008

Scattering Started

Yes. Scattering of team. A Tea team. A Wednesday PVR night show team. A "love to laugh" team. An all andhra lunch team.

Venu will be starting to 'US of A' next week. I wish you all success in your new role Venu.

Soon, Pavan will be Joining Venu. Later, Jaggu will also become 'The American'.

IT provide again, lufthansa flights are always ready for any true talent - good luck Venkat.

In his new tech lead position, busily, steadily adjusting - Subba.

And, I .... will be missing you all!!

World is small enough. Our roads will cross again. May be at Wednesday PVR night show ;-).

Let me show you. Left to Right. One after the other.

Konduri Venkat Phani prasad. In short Venkat.
Venkata Jagadish pothuri. Jaggu- 'cool'est of all and equally hardworking.
Mohan Vamsi Krishna Avasaram - single person. MVK.
Valluru Subba reddy. Subba.
Venugopal Reddy Edulakanti. Dear QA. Venu.
Pavankumar vasudev Hukkeri. My ABAP reference point.

- M.V.K

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I will be there - 2008

Just like last year Teched -07. I love to be there in Teched 08. And here is the word to spread.
See you all at Teched -08.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

F5 !

.... A refresh Button

Every week end, apart from my house n family, if i am waiting for someone to see and play - then it should be this sweet baby boy - Sai. My tenant's baby, we call him Chayee. Playing with him is a real mind refreshing.

Only 7 months old, he Learned a lot, he smiles, he turns around, try to scrawl, try to threat other my widening mouth, fight with me to catchup my hair and many. became a good friend of my Mom.

He will smiles loudly, every time he saw my Mom - I love this event. They are good friends.

What will I be doing on week ends.
- Bill Payments.
- Cleaning house.
- Reading News paper.
- Reaching friends.
- Switching on my PC to see any new pictures clicked my mom.
- Playing with Chayee.
- Gossips with Mom.
- Face-to-Face with TV monitor.

Apart from this I am planning one major work. Which I will elaborate in a separate post.

But, my past 20 days starting from Aug 26th were under real pressure - May be this will be continued till next month.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gradual Shift !

Shifts – it’s a part of life. I could clearly observe that in my path.

Now my working hours had changed to 1430 to 2330. I start it far early and ends it little late may be next day.

My current organization gave me many things – friends, colleagues, good managers, great work, and joy of getting recognized, opportunity to give and take trainings, out standing annual performance ratings. I am happy. But, EOD vitamin M – Money does matter.

Reactive - conditions and situations taking control on you.
Proactive – you take control on your situations by making fair decisions.

I am proactive most of the times, if some one feel I am reactive, I don’t like revisiting it. For my career, I am the right manager, I listen to others to see d better ways to do things. Every one is unique. So no common solutions and situations.

Take decisions, lay your plans, work for results, dream your success, review result, accept failures, and obey work ethics – this might be a character I am desperately trying to achieve.

I should forget about earning, learn first, was my thought last year. Now, Priorities changed.

Should I allow priorities to work on me?? Should be NO. To now I can't share many things about what I am doing, But, I am taking few crucial decisions, turns my carrier.

Excellence is an attitude not a skill.