Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Parada between You & Your life..

Starting your day glancing lifeless mobile screen? You made any attempt to count how many hours you stare at 'any' screens a day? Did you felt, you are checking for missed call or unread message when you are not expecting one? ... Ever, you felt a vibration without one in your pocket.

Gravity subsist in transforming ideas to actions, happily struggled in putting some action in play for a year in avoiding electronic screens in my life, using a real or not-so-hitech alarm, instead mobile alarm. Bed Time - A Electronic free Zone. Pre-sleep routine, "Real life heroes" article in Readers Digest magazine. Started maintaining Personal Collage and Stopped Facebook, checking What's app once a day or when ever necessary. Keep mobile in Vibration all time, DND at nights. Strictly follow No Screen time for few hours every day - No Tv, No mobile, No PC just people, books and life. Shifted my-view on "inbox" as To-Do list coming from others, I sort and read emails 3 or 4 times a day, vs all day.

Lets love people and use devices not the opposite.

How many hours you stare at life less devices and ignore lovely beautiful hearts around you? 

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